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81 Percent of U.S. Counties ‘Poorly’ Protect Homeowners’ Personal Information, According to

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New research finds local governments – more than 3,000 counties researched – are also selling and generating revenue from homeowners’ information, while putting them at risk from identity theft

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., June 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to research released today by (, 81 percent of U.S. counties receive a “poor” grade for failing to protect the privacy of, conservatively, 10s-of-millions of American homeowners.

The research, Local Governments Are Selling Personal Data – 81% of Counties Received a “Poor” Grade For Personal Privacy, investigated and rated every county in the U.S. by visiting more than 3,000 local government web sites.

Just as alarming, local governments are generating revenue from the sale of records that include personally identifiable information (PII), by disclosing homeowners’ legal names and addresses. Through Freedom of Information Act requests, counties are selling this personal data to third-parties. For example, Wayne County, Michigan has received more than $420,000. Also, the counties that do not protect homeowners’ private information make it available online, subsequently, putting citizens in harm’s way for identify theft and other criminal activity.

“Drawing attention to this issue is a first step in reclaiming our data and personal privacy,” said Michael Gleason, founder of “In today’s consumer data hungry world, we would expect our government to protect our data. However, our research has found that is not the case. It is time we protect our data from unauthorized uses and have ways to express concerns to locally elected officials.”

To that end and part of the research, has created the first Homeowner Privacy Information Database where homeowners can search to verify if their personal information is made public by their county and, if so, contact information is available to petition appropriate local government officials.

Local Governments Are Selling Personal Data – 81% of Counties Received a “Poor” Grade for Personal Privacy is available at  

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