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Yeah my. 9713. Thirty K and as as we are Stevens in the morning had to step in 46 here on Wednesday. Now for big things. Pretty nervous police investigate possible murder suicide Dixie. Search continues for a five year old Lucas for independence. Evangelist Billy Graham dead at the age of nineteen and predicting Stephen dead on in assess. And this morning we’ve got traffic on the side streets residential streets all ice packed up there. The highways in Wichita Falls. Partially I expect that according to the Kansas Department of Transportation. And that their site which way. Dot org and that is a good idea to stay yet to be very cautious out there and with us this morning traffic update from K and if that’s radio on jet chambers. Mostly cloudy and cold today 20% chance for an afternoon snow and a high of 32 degrees not looking. For much in the way of accumulation. 70% chance for snow and sleet tonight the overnight low 23. Thursday 40% chance for freezing rain tomorrow’s night 36. Now partly cloudy sixteen degrees we have little wind. At fifteen miles per hour and Unisys weather brought to you by the monarch. Explore your level native Americans dated spirits every Wednesday that today with four dollars select burdens and miscues. Located 579 west Douglas and his story delay though the monarch. 747 now Stephen Ted the stocks ending their first trading day of the week in the red. Some of the Dow’s biggest drags today Wal-Mart Verizon United Technologies General Electric and Merck. Taking a look at Wal-Mart shares of the nation’s biggest retailer driven lower by poor earnings and poor outlook for earnings. Results from the company’s online sales operation disciplined investors as well. A look at the New York Stock Exchange I’m Gerri Willis Fox News. Donald Trump junior says any talk to his family is profiting from his father’s presidency is nonsense. As he kicked off like kicked off a highly publicized visit to India. To promote real estate deals that bear his family’s name. 3M has agreed to pay the state of Minnesota 850 million dollars. To settle a major case alleging the manufacturer damaged natural resources. And contaminated ground water by disposing of chemicals over decades attorneys announced Tuesday. The state was seeking five billion dollars. I think of them as I remember levels of initial offer program. And then apparently they say is settle for 850 million. 3 am one of those in just minutes Otis that’s at company started there it’s a big part of their. Entire culture they wanted five billion and that’s not a 180 melting and over again 850. 85850. Million is what they get so it’s still. Now a lot of money but does. Democratic lawmakers on the house investigative panel or asking the credit monitoring company Equifax to provide free credit monitoring and identity theft protection for at least three years. Equifax has offered up to one year complimentary protection after a massive data breach last year compromised personal information for about. 145. Million Americans. All right this 749 now Stephen did indeed for Hubert City Hall yesterday Ted covering. You’ve covered yet. Alan King. Now road rode up to date and of course that of every time we have something like this it. The a lot of people say well why can’t we do better than that but that they actually free treated at the started treating the streets late Monday night. But then you came up and that the and all of a sudden there comes about to rein in September watches and a lot of that someone got washed away. Overnight hours Monday and Tuesday. Happen to be out there during afternoon yesterday and this the plows were out there they were treating him plowing all day yesterday and then not a lot to plow but they were getting those plays right down on the surface there and and try to knock the ice off of it so yes that’s what you do that then he’s at salt and sand. Are those solutions to the melted. All right so at least this morning when I came out to get the car didn’t have to scrape off the windshield now nor deny it. But the gonna get a feeling tomorrow comes around to vote in the city crews knows Troxel you know they’ll be right back at a and this afternoon starting in tonight. And he ended tomorrow morning and I thank the site’s reach again it’s virtually can a lot of places but I sighed as I’ve been saying it’s boring. The two places I was most fearful the sporting was the sidewalk I hadn’t but it needs all the elements I bought. Blog from my house right driveways so I was leery there and then coming from my car into the building here. Oh it’s just it’s just visualize ice rink out there that that the parking lot here or go down there and you know not get enough never I was out there. Anyway. We’re gonna make it to work today is go back to work like it’s a Mexican holiday at seven to 51. Stephen dead on K and SS and an important your workspace at spirit. The story now with editor bill Roy the witch stuff this is general good morning bill. Good morning Steve and Ted yes Spirit Aerosystems celebrating on Tuesday the opening of a new fabrication center of excellence in Wichita it’s called the five axis Centre of excellence housed in 20000 square feet of space at the company’s southeast Wichita campus. CEO Tom gentility says this state of the art machining solidifies spirits fabrication. And chemical processing abilities. And new discount eyeglass retailer entering the Wichita market I’m mart express has opened shop at 416 north rock road grand openings scheduled for Monday. I’m art is leasing about 4000 square feet of space next to the mattress store carries a name brand classes. Has more than 170 stores in 35 states. And investor Warren Buffett bought more than 31 million shares of Apple Stock in the last three months of 2017 T drastically. Cut his stake in IBM. Moves are outlined in new regulatory filings Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway ended the year with more than. 165. Million apple shares that’s worth about 27 point six. Billion dollars. Local breaking business news every day on can’t assess and at Wichita obviously external dot com for the Wichita business journal I’m bill. Why a chorus of big breaking news this morning bill Billy Graham has passed with the age of 99. Person with a huge impact. On religion and unknown culture around it not only here but around the world with its. He said televised crusades and so forth that you you grew up in Kansas City ever I’m sure you’re aware Billy Graham up there. Oh absolutely you better and of course is his place in history as an advisor to many presidents. Democrat and Republican. Through the years and if you’ve never seen. One of the old. Revivals since like that that are held in stadiums may be in the sixties or seventies right. They are really neat to watch I it’s it’s really inspiring to watch. Hit that great to solicit him over the should it yes Everett. The great big Maurice and he would sing a little bit and Nate. They did do some preach and it’s in some more elbows crusader or something to see interview witness that Billy Graham crusade even going to the biggest stadiums in the country in just pack a Mountain View that and then you know everything which. Belden and shared with people around the world so yeah it was a great influence. On a lot of heat and Billy Graham. Passing away at the age of 99 are you located they would that would only I should thing. IC that. The main streets no problem or ready to go for another round tomorrow morning I guess for everybody rating don’t want to look it there evidenced. So keep an adequate all right well then then what they gotta do. Is listen right here. For the latest informing Phil will do what looking a little while. It’s I think after 755 stay with Stevens and 8 o’clock hour we’ll have an update on Billy Graham passing away. City’s plans retreating ice in Wichita roadways thought about that. Derby police investigating a possible murder suicide. A preview of shocker basketball tonight brightly at Tulane. Several have that also temple have entertainment use the border featuring a widgets on native again. That’s all coming up senator Stevens and continues in the 8 o’clock hour seemed intent on K and assess.

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