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Anthony Jeremiah Delacruz, Trailblazing the Credit Repair Industry With Automation Systems

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Anthony Jeremiah Delacruz, also known as The Credit Executive, only spends eight hours running his credit repair company, Credit Executive Credit Repair. He has results to back up his process, which is proof that he is doing something right. He did not earn the title “The Credit Executive” by accident; he has, for many years, devoted time and resources to studying how the credit industry works. While doing so, he also developed a system that can automate the whole process, and today, he is at the forefront of credit repair experts in the United States.

Credit is an alien concept to many, and even people who have heard about it have no idea how to maintain good credit or improve bad credit. It is this lack of knowledge that gets many people into debt and unable to access financial leverage. Anthony Delacruz aims to change all these things through his company, Credit Executive Credit Repair. Many Americans need money to buy homes, cars, establish businesses, and generally improve their lives. They cannot do any of these without a good credit score. Thus, young people and those who are still in their prime can enjoy this service and turn their financials around positively.

The wealth of knowledge that Anthony Delacruz has on the credit repair business is so vast that a lot of industry gurus turn to him for consultation and strategies. His brand is based on trust as well as authenticity of results. And that is why his client base continues to expand. His journey started with a 300-sq. Ft. room, and a few years later, he occupies a 1300-sq.ft office in downtown Stamford. The unique thing about Credit Executive Credit Repair as a company is that clients do not have to visit the office to have their credit report reviewed and repaired. Anthony Jeremiah Delacruz has created systems that enable the company to run virtually while steadily taking his income from six to seven figures.

Credit Executive Credit Repair is a unique company, and according to The Credit Executive himself, “I have become very influential in the (credit) industry, and I can confidently say I am one of the few individuals to have unique automation systems built in place. A lot of the industry gurus come to learn from me, and I have taught many to use automation to change their business.”

Trust is an important thing in building credit, and implementing a system that enables clients to trust the business gave Anthony a head-start ahead of other credit repair companies. Anthony Jeremiah Delacruz does not like to move with the crowd. He wanted to stand out, and he has done that while providing excellent services at the same time.

The company continues to grow, and in the next five years, according to Anthony, “I see myself building a credit empire with all in-house services regarding credit. I want to be the one-stop and shop for credit products and services.”

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