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Attorney General Seeking Elimination Of Credit Freeze Fees

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Iowans are currently paying the highest fees in the nation to place a freeze on their credit. Iowa Attorney General, Tom Miller, is proposing that legislation be developed to eliminate most of these charges. He filed a bill prior to the start of the 2018 session on Monday as a follow-up to the massive Equifax data breach that occurred last September and impacted more than 1.1 million Iowans and 143 million consumers nationwide. Although Equifax agreed to temporarily waive credit freeze-related fees, Miller says most Iowans are still forced to pay to freeze and lift freezes from TransUnion and Experian. Iowa law currently prohibits a charge for fees related to confirmed identity theft, however, the law does permit a $10 charge for a freeze, $12 for a temporary lift to a freeze and $10 to permanently remove one. Miller says these fees are unfair. “If a company you have no control over exposes your personal information through negligence or as a result of someone else’s criminal act, you shouldn’t get left holding the bag simply because you want to protect yourself from identity thieves through credit freezes,” Miller says.

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