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Bank reminds residents of identity protection at shredding event

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HANNIBAL, Mo. (WGEM) — Organizers of a free community shredding event in Hannibal on Saturday say documents that contain personal information need to be disposed of properly.

F&M Bank officials said the risk of identity theft means documents containing sensitive information like addresses, social security numbers and telephone numbers can’t simply be dumped in a trash can.

President Carl Watson said the only way to safely get rid of them is by shredding them.

“People don’t want their records floating around, you can’t throw them away in the trash,” he said. “This shreds them into really a powder and provides secure disposition of a lot of records.”

Watson said names, addresses and social security numbers are a big target for scammers.

“Fraudsters love picking up that sort of information and using it to create identities and identity theft,” he said.

Local residents said they’re glad they have a chance to get rid of their old documents safely and securely.

Paul Ewert said he needed to get rid of his tax-documents from 1985.

“It gives me a real relaxation that I know that I don’t have to worry about where that information goes,” he said. “With the amount of theft out there, I don’t want my information going anyplace and I know that these guys will shred it and take good care of it.”

Those looking for more information on document destruction or how to properly store documents should contact F&M Bank at 877-221-6424.

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