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Conversion Pro Assists Real Estate and Mortgage Pros to Stay on Top

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Time management is challenging, especially for those working in the aggressive real estate and mortgage industries. Conversion Pro is on a mission to help these professionals fill in the gaps by incorporating  technology and man-power, enabling these professionals to make the most of their time and further scale their careers to a point where there are no limits. 

Conversion Pro provides a seamless solution for real estate and mortgage loan professionals to maximize their time and serve more people effectively. Founded by two competitive brothers from western Pennsylvania with big goals, these long time mortgage loan officers Brian Grove and Jeff Grove began to build the company based on solving the problems they saw in their own industry.  This growing company assists clients to stay on top of their game. Conversion Pro contacts leads on behalf of their clients, weeds out uninterested leads, and books appointments for those clients teed up and ready to purchase a home. 

Appointments are booked directly on their clients’ calendars, thus ensuring their availability. “Even if you don’t have a client-facing appointment booking calendar, our technology allows us to book on your everyday calendars like Google and Outlook,” shared Brian.

Conversion Pro serves real estate agents and mortgage loan officers nationwide who repeatedly attest to its unparalleled service and efficiency. Because their carefully chosen team of professionals boast 30 plus years of experience in the field, they are able to offer knowledge and expertise with cost-efficient solutions. In doing this, and in doing this well, the company has single-handedly eclipsed other competitors in its niche market.

As recognized experts in the industry, Brian and Jeff Grove simply know how to convert internet leads.  “We wanted to offer an extremely affordable solution that allowed every real estate professional to have the tools necessary to convert internet leads. It takes, on average, 8 touches to convert a lead into a sales conversation, and most of our clients simply don’t have the capacity to handle that,” shared Brian. 

Furthermore, according to a study by Baylor University, “It takes eight cold calls to reach a prospect. 72% of all sales calls aren’t answered.” 

As players in the mortgage industry themselves, the founders understand the juggling act. They know the weight of having to cater to various streams of clients simultaneously while still ensuring that each one gets the quality and attention they deserve. Today, their solution, Conversion Pro, aids their clients to excel in helping large quantities of potential home-buyers.

“In mortgage and real estate, we understand that days are filled with urgent tasks that require expert focus. Agents and Loan Officers need to keep a consistent flow of new business, but hiring an assistant is not only costly, but time-consuming to manage,” said Jeff Grove. Conversion Pro acts as the clients’ assistant by being the vehicle of consistent lead follow up via phone calls, text, and email.

Additionally, Conversion Pro filters leads for their clients, ensuring that those added to their calendar are leads that are actually interested in purchasing a home. The company also filters the lead based on their clients minimum credit score requirement. This ensures that time spent on the phone is with leads that are more likely to convert. “If one lead is below that credit threshold, we will enroll them directly into credit repair and return them back once they are ready to purchase,” Jeff said. 

Also, Conversion Pro is excited to announce the release of their online portal that allows its clients to track the status of their leads in real-time. “Our clients can log in 24/7 to see real-time, detailed information about how often their leads are being contacted, and how many are truly interested. We believe in supporting our clients in any and every way necessary, and our new portal is just another example of this,” Jeff explained.

The real estate and mortgage industries are not for the faint of heart.  Conversion Pro allows both the aspiring and the seasoned professionals in the field to grow and scale their careers by having the tools they need to efficiently convert leads.  The results are unprecedented.

To learn more about Conversion Pro, visit its website.

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