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Could ID requirements for credit card purchases reduce identity theft?

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NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The question “May I see your ID, please?” could protect you from having your identity stolen.

As long as your credit card is signed, you may not be required to show identification to make a purchase.

Chicopee police are looking for five suspects who used a stolen credit card to buy items in Northampton. The card was reported stolen in April.

A Northampton shopper told 22News, clerks never check her ID when using her credit card.

“It’s funny because you are always in a hurry so you just want to get it over with,” Iris Newalu said. “But probably, if things continue to have your identity stolen then probably we should.”

While stores have the right to ask you for an ID, you can refuse to show it to them. However, they can then refuse the transaction.

It’s worth noting that Visa and MasterCard prohibit vendors from accepting unsigned cards.

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