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Dept. of Consumer Affairs warns of identity theft risk for children

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CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) –Tax season is upon us, and so are thieves ready to steal your personal information.

Our Count on 2 Consumer Investigator sat down with a representative from the SC Department of Consumer Affairs to find out the best ways to protect your identity.

Juliana Harris said all someone needs to steal your identity is your social security number. You should be careful about putting that number on documents, even at the doctor’s office.

Harris said identity thieves are often targeting children, so experts recommend getting a credit report once a year starting at age 16.

“We don’t expect a child to have a credit report, so if I’m a scammer or identity thief, and I get a child’s information, I can use it for 10 or 15 years before anyone ever recognizes it,” said Harris.

If parents notice any abnormalities in the credit report, parents then can work to resolve the issue before the teenager turns 18.

For information about how to get a free credit report, click here.

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