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Email scam reported at Purchase Line district

New IdentityTheft Scam

In turn, Purchase Line’s superintendent said steps have been taken — including requests for investigations by federal agencies as well as the state police — to tackle an “email spoofing attack” affecting 100 vendors.

“On January 31 our district was the victim of a email spoofing attack by an individual pretending to be a school district employee,” Superintendent Joseph A. Bradley said Tuesday afternoon. “A request was made from what appeared to be a legitimate school district email address.”

A real district employee responded to that email, Bradley went on. “We’ve been working tirelessly to investigate and to mitigate the impact of the attack since its discovery.”

In a release issued by Trooper Cliff Greenfield, investigating Trooper Scott Wagner described the incident as an email-based scam and said that the district did not sustain a monetary loss.

Bradley said no other district employees, students or staff are affected, just vendors working with the district. Officials did not specify what, if anything, was compromised in the scam.

“We contacted the Pennsylvania State Police, the IRS and the FBI,” Bradley said.

Neither the Internal Revenue Service in Washington, D.C., nor the Federal Bureau of Investigation office in Pittsburgh would confirm the existence of any complaints or investigations in the matter.

“We’ve also offered assistance and identity theft protection to those affected for one year,” the superintendent said. “The district apologizes for any inconvenience that was caused and we anticipate further training for our staff to avoid any similar occurrences in the future.”

He said anyone who received correspondence from the district about the matter should self-register through Experion IdentityWorks for a fraud protection tool. He said anyone who hadn’t received that correspondence but have questions can contact his office.

Bradley also reiterated his district’s commitment to education of its students as well as retraining of its employees.

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