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Emerging Threats in Healthcare and the Adaptation of Protection Models

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The challenges faced by today’s healthcare security executives emerge at a much faster cadence than in years past. This reality has over time has migrated the healthcare security executive’s role from a traditional crime-focused leader of “gates, guards, and guns” to a business leader committed to Prevention, Preparedness and Protection. Success in this transitioned role is defined by outcomes resulting in a reduction of harm to patients and visitors, the organization, and the technology systems that support them.

A strengthened commitment to an organizational health protection model has positioned our industry to meet the challenges of an ever-changing threat landscape, increasing threat velocity and increasing harmful impact caused by existing and emerging threats. A successful security team is no longer simply responding to calls for service but is extending prevention opportunities, reducing vulnerabilities and limiting the impact of critical incidents and disruptions to care in a thoughtful manner with the goal of resiliency and improved organizational health. 

Modern healthcare organizations require regulatory teams, including security, to serve as financially responsible patient care-focused business partners with the ability to contribute value across all service lines. A successful healthcare security executive is now leading within the organization as a communicator, collaborator and practitioner-driven by a unified approach to identifying, prioritizing and managing a complex risk portfolio through shared risk handling responsibility. In meeting this responsibility, healthcare security executives must identify and understand current and emerging threats in order to promote meaningful partnerships on behalf of effective mitigation strategies.

Where Emerging Threats Originate

When planning and considering newly emerging threats it shouldn’t be a surprise to any healthcare security executive that many, if not all, find their roots in technology and/or human behavior. These sources of threats fueled by advancements in technology, the internet, and social media continuously adapt over time to outwit and/or exploit previously successful mitigation strategies at rates once thought unthinkable. Just take a moment to think how many times your team has worked tirelessly to develop a threat mitigation strategy only to learn it requires the recalibration of a process or resources to meet evolving vulnerabilities within the same planning cycle. The emerging threats briefly discussed below, many of which are simply iterations of past threats will require our teams to once again adapt on behalf of prevention, preparedness and protection. 

Top Threats: Cybersecurity

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