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Eradicating Homelessness on the Space Coast | Family Promise of Brevard

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Founded by a group of concerned local religious leaders in 2007, the interfaith model requires participating families to meet certain criteria and follow protocols, such as saving 80% of their income and maintaining employment. Resources are provided to help them learn financial responsibility, assist with credit repair, and access employment and health and wellness issues instead of resources.

Collaboration is one of the pillars of the organization’s mission. Family Promise is not out to ‘recreate the wheel’ said Tara. Instead, “we rely on available community resources to help find needed assistance for our clients. In doing so, we are not only able to steward our funding directly to the families, we are engaging people to be invested in strengthening our community” she said.

Helping families get back into or remain in permanent housing requires a committed community, willing to provide shelter resources and love to the most vulnerable among us. Partnering with the many faith partners affiliated with Family Promise of Brevard, families are rotated among congregations during the week, which offers a warm place to stay for the whole family. During the week, children attend virtual or in-person classes at school, and families are provided education, employment and financial assistance to help move them into stable housing.

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