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GEICO Catastrophe Team Readied as Hurricane Lane Approaches Hawaii; Beware of Flood Conditions – Press Release

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OAHU, Hawaii–(Business Wire)–As Hurricane Lane moves closer to the Hawaiian Islands, GEICO is
preparing its CAT teams to assist customers and is also encouraging
policyholders to tune into official emergency instructions and to listen
to weather advisories and updates.

“As we continue to track Hurricane Lane, our Catastrophe Response Teams
(CAT) are preparing to assist policyholders throughout the islands,”
said GEICO Senior Vice President Shawn Burklin. “We want our customers
to know that we’re vigilant in tracking the storm and we’ll have people
in place to assist immediately.”

Burklin also added the reminder that hurricanes have the potential to
cause severe flooding. In flooded locations, GEICO recommends:

  • Avoid walking or driving through high water. Six inches of
    moving water can knock you down, and a foot can sweep your vehicle
    away according to
  • Reduce your speed. If you need to drive, reduce your speed to
    try to reduce the chances of hydroplaning. If you hydroplane,
    immediately take your foot off the accelerator. A rotating tire has
    traction, while a sliding one does not.
  • Maintain a safe distance. Increase the distance you would
    normally have between you and the vehicle ahead.
  • Turn on your headlights – Simply turning on your headlights
    makes you more visible to others.
  • When to abandon the car – recommends that you only
    abandon your vehicle if the flood water is rising around your vehicle,
    but is not moving. Then proceed to higher ground. Do not leave the car
    and enter moving water.
  • Consider moving your vehicle to the highest possible ground and
    avoid parking in underground garages if possible because hurricanes
    can cause severe flooding.

“We sincerely hope that residents stay safe and the storm does not
significantly impact you and your family,” added Burklin.

And should GEICO customers need to report a loss, they are encouraged to
do so as soon as possible on the GEICO
mobile app
, at
or by calling 1-800-841-3000 24-hours a day.” GEICO commercial vehicle
policyholders can report losses at 1-866-509-9444.

(Government Employees Insurance Company) is a member of the Berkshire
Hathaway family of companies and is the second-largest private passenger
auto insurance company in the United States. GEICO, which was founded in
1936, provides millions of car
insurance quotes
to U.S. drivers annually. The company is pleased to
serve more than 16 million private passenger customers, insuring more
than 27 million vehicles (auto & cycle).

Using GEICO’s online
service center
, policyholders can purchase policies, make policy
changes, report claims and print insurance ID cards. Policyholders can
also connect to GEICO through GEICO
, reach a representative over
the phone
or visit a GEICO
local agent

GEICO also provides insurance quotes on motorcycles,
all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), boats, travel trailers and motorhomes
(RVs). Coverage for life, homes and apartments and identity theft is
written by non-affiliated insurance companies and is secured through the
GEICO Insurance Agency, Inc. Commercial auto insurance and personal
umbrella protection are also available.

For more information, go to

GEICO Communications
[email protected]
view GEICO’s Blog:

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