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Home improvements top list of top consumer complaints in Tennessee

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – For the second consecutive year, home improvement complaints top the list of top 10 complaint categories by Tennesseans, according to the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance’s Division of Consumer Affairs.

TDCI says it received a total of 3,599 complaints last year, a decrease from the year before.

They say consumers may have a private right of action under the Tennessee Consumer Protection Act of 1977 and can contact a private attorney, Tennessee Legal Aid services or other organizations that offer legal guidance. 

For more resources or to file a complaint, visit the TDCI Division of Consumer Affairs website or call 1-800-342-8385.

Consumers can also found additional tips and resources by downloading the 2018 Tennessee consumer calendar.

Top 10 consumer complaints

  1. Home Improvements – 412 complaints
    This includes home warranties, as well as hiring contractors for services ot repair or improve the quality of your home.
  2. Personal/Professional Services – 292 complaints
    This includes services offered by licensed professionals, including hair stylists, massage therapists, nail technicians and others. Complaints include quality of service, charges for services not received and problems redeeming gift certificates.
  3. Utilities – 289 complaints
    This includes gas service, water service, sewer, electricity, mobile and landline phone service, internet service and cable television. The most common complaints were in regards to billing and maintenance.
  4. Timeshares/Vacation Clubs – 274 complaints
    This relates to consumers buying property under a timesharing agreement and the sale of those agreements. Complaints included high-pressure sales tactics, misrepresentation of contracts, and resale scams.
  5. Landlord/Tenant – 216 complaints
    This involves consumers leasing rental property. Complaints included security deposits and conditions of rental property.
  6. Motor Vehicle – 202 complaints
    The most common problem in this category was consumer dissatisfaction with the sale of the used vehicle they purchased.
  7. Debtor/Creditor – 196 complaints
    This includes matters related to debt collection companies, payday loans, credit repair companies and check-cashing services. Complaints often related to harassing phone calls or billing issues.
  8. Health Services and Products – 191 complaints
    The most common complaints in this category were about being misquoted for services and inaccurate billing.
  9. Motor Vehicle Repair – 184 complaints
    This relates to companies offering services to repair vehicles. The most common complaint was companies that return vehicles not fully repaired.
  10. Insurance – 172 complaints
    This refers to pet insurance, consumer health insurance, and unlicensed insurance companies. Most consumers complained about policy coverage and claims


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