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Hospital district hit by cyber attack | Local News

New IdentityTheft Scam

An unknown number of people may have been affected by a criminal cyber attack on the Hunt Memorial Hospital District.

The district has issued a press release indicating it learned of the incident on May 14 and began notifying patients on July 12. According to the release, the cyber attack occurred in May, 2018 “during which hackers gained access to information in its computer network that included personal information of a subset of Hunt’s patients.”

The hackers were able to access medical records which contained information including patients’ names, telephone numbers, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, race, and religious preferences.

“Although there is no evidence indicating that patients are at risk for identity theft, the letters informed those patients that Hunt is offering them identity theft protection services through ID Experts®,” the release said. “More information can be found in the letters provided to those patients who may have been affected.

The district said it is cooperating with the FBI in its investigation of the incident and has also retained the services of cyber security professionals.

Patients are being advised to call 833-297-6403 or visit for additional information.

The Herald-Banner contacted the district Wednesday, seeking adetails as to ask (1) when and how the breach was discovered? and how many people may be affected.

A representative with the district indicated the investigation was ongoing and that additional information may be released Thursday.

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