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How Najee Harris Went From Credit Crisis to Credit Advisor

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PHILADELPHIA, PA / ACCESSWIRE / August 19, 2020 / For Najee Hannigan, the path to financial success was never a clear one. And even when he began to experience growth and stability as a young entrepreneur, he never foresaw he would be in the … Dendy Media

PHILADELPHIA, PA / ACCESSWIRE / August 19, 2020 / For Najee Hannigan, the path to financial success was never a clear one. And even when he began to experience growth and stability as a young entrepreneur, he never foresaw he would be in the position he is today. Yet despite not originally having perfect foresight, Najee always understood the importance of personal development in all his pursuits. This push for perseverance and self betterment inspired by his mother’s entrepreneurial efforts allowed him to excel as the successful, multifaceted business owner he is today.

Beginning his journey into the working world after high school, Najee never felt a clear direction for his future. He had a number of ideas and plans set half into motion, but nothing solid enough to fully dedicate himself toward. This changed when he moved back in with his mother and began witnessing her entrepreneurial spirit as she founded the day care center, Extraordinary Scholars Academy.

Being so close to her, the idea to work alongside her in this environment seemed like a no brainer. His mother quickly hired him on to help grow the business. After a time, realizing his mother’s development as a business owner, Najee began taking his own initiatives in order to help grow the business. His hardwork and dedication had become apparent, and soon enough Najee was made a partner. He had given so much value to the business that the two of them were able to take it to another level.

By this point, fueled by an emerging entrepreneurial spirit, Najee sought to understand as much of the business as possible in order to capitalize on whatever growth opportunities might be available. Being in the daycare business, he quickly saw the importance of real estate, and began making inquiries and investments in that regard. However, he soon found out that flexibility for these feats were difficult without solid credit.

Initially, Najee solicited credit repair services without knowing much about the field personally. In short, he was taken advantage of and left without a solution to his credit issues. He knew that if he wanted to get anywhere, he needed to dedicate the time to understanding as much as he could about credit and the like, even if it meant doing it himself. He began a journey of self education, consuming as many webinars, books, and other resources before finally feeling well versed in this specific area of finance. He realized that with his newfound knowledge, he was perfectly capable of fixing his credit on his own. And he did just that.

Seeing an opportunity to enact the same change in the lives of others, Najee began offering credit repair services free of charge to relatives and families of his daycare. He learned a lot through working with a variety of cases and found success on nearly all fronts. As word of mouth grew, the amount of people interested in his services did as well. Soon enough, there was a decent demand for this service, which at the time was only growing organically alongside his other business.

Throughout this process, Najee had been sharing his story of credit repair via Instagram and other social media platforms. This caused numerous people to reach out to him with their own questions and experience in the same realm. Najee realized there was an increasingly high demand for credit education and credit repair advising. Seeing this demand, as well as his success working with friends and families, he decided it was time to make it official. This spurred the creation of a website, proper overhead, and other elements that would act as the foundation of this new business dubbed ESA Credit Hero.

To Najee, this move was never really about money, but rather addressing certain roadblocks he came across while conducting business as he did previously, pro-bono. As friends, families, and day care associates dried up, the people he was working with didn’t really know Najee on a personal level as the others had before. So when he required certain personal information from them in order to evaluate their credit, there was obvious trepidation from the other party. Najee knew that making his business official in all regards would alleviate that worry.

Now, as more and more people find themselves at home with time to sort out their finances and pursue new business, the demand for financial education is at an all time high. The stay at home practices caused by the pandemic have more than doubled these effects, causing a boom in clientele for Najee and ESA Credit Hero.

Seeing his personal and financial growth via social media, as well as his established business, a multitude of people saw ESA as a necessary resource. Currently, Najee advises over 300 clients looking to put themselves in a position of financial prosperity.

His goal is to help as many people as possible see credit as an easily approachable challenge that shouldn’t be feared as it is traditionally. He hopes that with ESA Credit Hero people are able to better understand credit fully and can develop the tools that provide them the financial flexibility to achieve whatever they desire. You can find Najee Hannigan on Instagram to learn more.

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