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How This Credit Company Is Changing the Credit and Financial Management Industry

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When it comes to issues on bad credit, there’s more to it than just mere repair. Trycera Financial Inc. has a program that not only helps clients repair their credit but also takes on a holistic approach to money management, credit management, and wealth creation that is changing the credit and financial management industry.

In the US, the credit scoring system known as the FICO Score focuses heavily on on-time payments of consumers. So one missed payment alone can already affect the consumer’s FICO credit scores, which lower their ability to qualify for loans. Missing critical payments are caused by mismanagement of money. Without an effective spending plan as well as proper management of one’s cash effectively, this damages their credit and gives little hope for a consumer to plan for his or her retirement.

CEO and President, Ray Smith took over Trycera in 2009. With more than ten years of experience in the industry, he built the company with the vision of helping consumers manage their money and utilize their credit so that the average person can live like the rich. And to do that, fixing one’s credit alone doesn’t solve the problem.

Fixing credit is only a band-aid solution for the real root of the problem, which is, mismanaged money. The education system never teaches people how to manage money. We get our bank statements and can see what we’ve spent money on, but we don’t get information to make wise financial decisions about how to spend our money properly. 

In 2016, the company launched a three-step program, The Successful Habits of the Rich, which consists of traditional credit repair yet powerful tips and tricks to live like the wealthy. By analyzing your current credit reports and spending habits, Trycera helps put a road map together for the future. Furthermore, the credit education and assistance program is made up of three integral components: RichMoney™ (money management), RichCredit™ (credit management), and RichWealth™ (wealth management). 

What makes Trycera such a unique experience is that, unlike many other credit and finance companies, they have this program and a patented credit building technology that makes a difference in the way people make financial decisions.

Since taking over Trycera in 2009, the company has garnered thousands of clients nationwide, ranging from everyday people to highly-skilled professionals. They also focus on auto dealerships, mortgage companies, and the military. They help individuals move forward and give them a fresh start.

“Trycera Financial is the company to use to solve your credit score issues! Due to my divorce, and my ex-wife still using a credit card that was still in my name, my credit score was reduced so that I could not get my house refinanced. But due to Trycera working with the three Credit Score companies, my credit score was raised, and certain bad remarks were removed from my reports. If it weren’t for Trycera, I would not be able to refinance! I highly recommend them, a professional company that has the customer first!” says Jerry, a satisfied client from Sacramento, California.

Indeed, anyone who is suffering from bad credit, Trycera has them covered along with financial tools, life skills, and mindset that can help them achieve the financial freedom they’ve been longing for.

Visit their website to learn more about Trycera Financial, Inc. You can also watch this video where original Shark from Shark Tank and business executive Kevin Harrington endorses Trycera, and make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for news and updates.  Watch a live webinar to learn more – Turn Money Stress into Money Success.

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