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How To Freeze Your Credit To Protect Your Identity

New IdentityTheft Scam

Close to half of the population in the USA had their Identity Information stolen during the Equifax data breach revealed in September 2017.  Most expert recommend freezing your credit but according to  this alone will not be enough.  In other other words yes most expert recommend freezing your credit but remember they have your date of birth, name, social security number, home address and in some cases they picked up your driver license or state id number.

This makes it very easy for cyber criminals to file fraudulent tax returns and steal your tax refund if you have one coming to you.  Try and get private health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or state food stamps, they have everything they need to apply and if they get any kind of benefits is worth it to go ahead and try to get all this.  That’s not all as far as money goes but imagine if they get fake ids with your name and info.  Moving violations and fines could possibly get you in trouble or even get you in jail the next time a police officer pulls you over.

So this goes as a warning to urge you to at least to look into how to deal with the other problems that can happen.

How To Freeze Your Credit

A credit freeze prevents any company from accessing your credit report, according to the Federal Trade Commission.  It prevents credit cards, loan companies and credit services entities from evaluating or obtaining any credit report in your name without your consent. It does not affect your credit score.

If my credit is frozen can anybody or company see my credit report?


  • You can see your personal credit report and remember you can get your credit report free every year.
  • Your existing creditors and debt collectors acting on their behalf can see it.
  • Government agencies may have access to it if they obtain subpoenas and search warrants.

But what if you want to apply for credit or rent an apartment?

When you perform a credit freeze with the three major credit reporting agencies they will give you a secret pin.  When you need to have your credit check at any credit request company you will ask them on which credit bureau they are using and you will either call them or go online to let them know you are running your credit.  This process at least will take a day so those on the spot credit offer will have to wait.

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