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How to stay ‘Prepared not Scared’ – Story

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Keeping yourself protected from identity theft is an ongoing challenge in our changing world, with thieves and scammers in your mailbox, on your phone and on the internet trying to steal from you. 

‘Good Day New York’ sat down with former NYPD officer and security expert Bill Stanton to discuss his new book, “Prepared not Scared” and the steps you can take to prevent identity theft.

“What people don’t realize is that this [your] phone is more than just a phone,” Stanton said. “It’s our bank account, it’s our file cabinet, it has everything, pictures, video. And we trust much too easy, we put everything out there with our social media footprint. That footprint can be followed right into your phone and into our lives where they can steal your identity, take your money and potentially a lot worse.”

Stanton suggestions to stay safe include:

– Using two-factor authentication to unlock phones
– Carrying a fake wallet with a little money in it for passing through busy areas or when traveling
– Shred your junk mail, prescriptions, debit and credit cards and investment statements
– Turn off your phone’s geo-location

“Everybody thinks they’re a Kardashian today,” Stanton said. “You don’t necessarily need to tell everyone where you are at that very moment.”

According to the Consumer Sentinel Network, there were three million identity theft and fraud reports in 2018.

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