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ICBC says new driver’s licences will make identity theft even harder | Radio NL

New IdentityTheft Scam

New driver’s licences in the province will make it even harder for thieves to steal your identity.

The licenses will have several new features but ICBC’s Joanna Linsangan said on the NL Morning News they’ve only released three to the public to keep fraudsters at bay.

One of those new features something called micro text. “So micro text is just a very, very fine text and that’s very important feature because not every printer can actually replicate that. If they were to try to photocopy your drivers licence, it would just kind of show up really muddy and so that would be an easy tell for police to find out, well this is a fake.”

“We’re adding a silhouette of an animal on the back. So, that’s just really number one, it’s an additional feature. Number two, it will help differentiate which card you have and then number three is your signature. So, initially it was just on the front of the card, now we’re putting it on the back as well.”

She said they’re keeping the other changes to themselves to keep ahead of scammers. “There’s a few other features as well, all in the name of really insuring that your data is kept and it’s protected and should you ever lose your card or if it’s stolen, it will reduce your chances of identity fraud.”

Along with driver’s licences, the new features will also be on B.C. Service cards and the B.C. Identity card.

Linsangan says British Columbians can take comfort in knowing the chances of these features being duplicated is very, very low.

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