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ID Theft Continues To Plague Wisconsinites

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MADISON, WI (WRN) – Cases of identity theft continue to be a big problem for many people in the state.

The state Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection received 453 complaints about identity theft-related issues last year.

Bureau of Consumer Protection administrator Michelle Reinen says it’s a reminder to make sure your information is being protected.

“It’s important for consumers to be sure, that they take action to get their free credit report and take time to look at that and make sure there aren’t any errors, and then find ways to protect their information.”

Reinen says you should be wary of posting personal information on social media.

And you should avoid posting information that could be used to gain access to accounts, such as exposing password hints.

Also, be sure to shred financial documents when they are no longer needed, and be careful about who you hand that information over to.

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