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Identity Guard Coupon 2018

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Identity Guard Introduction

Identity fraud is fast becoming common especially in today’s digital world. Due to the rising cases of this vice, Intersections Inc. the founding company of Identity Guard launched the identity theft protection industry in 1996. This was aimed at helping their customers to safeguard their identity.

Even as companies strive to develop concrete identity fraud practices, the fraudsters are upgrading their tricks and identity fraud protection providers should move faster to counter the same. Identity Guard together with the help of able personnel has developed over the years to understand the current changing trends in identity fraud.

The company provides data and privacy protection for both businesses and individuals. Identity guard has collaborated with the globally recognized artificial intelligence, IBM Watson. Together they have developed solutions aimed at facilitating easy detection of threats, helping customers to take charge when it comes to their personal identity protection, and offering personalized guidance.

Why is Identity Guard Best?

Identity guard has been in existence for more than 20 years, through which they have safeguarded their customer’s identities. Today, technology is increasingly evolving and with it comes the need to digitize your identification details. But how safe is this information? It is worth noting that fraudsters are out there trying all they can to commit identity fraud.

Identity guard will step in the gap to provide you with exceptional identity protection services. The company has collaborated with some of the most popular companies in the financial industry to offer protection to over 47 million customers and helping resolve approximately 140 thousand identity fraud cases. The company understands the current changing trends and has been at the forefront to counter any unexpected actions.

Identity guard services have won various awards for their exclusive solutions that stretch beyond expectations. The company is keen to safeguard delicate personal data, financial information, privacy, and personal computer data. The company’s website has received online trust audit recognition and honor roll for six years consecutively from the Online Trust Alliance. This was out of their efforts to apply good practices in privacy and data security. Dealing with Identity Guard guarantees positive results.


While preventing identity fraud is an arduous task, Identity guard strives to evaluate a wide range of information that defines your identity. The company utilizes both IBM Watson’s robust scanning and conventional monitoring to recognize threats and keep you safeguarded. In the event they detect any threat, the company helps you find an immediate solution in collaboration with the personal case manager and expert guidance until the problem is eventually solved.


Identity guard services are provided in different plans. Customers can choose the plan that fits their budget and needs for better service delivery. The available options are; individual value, individual total, and individual premier. All of these come with different specifications and charges per month.


As the world strives to fight identity fraud, you can adopt robust safety measures to secure your identity details especially online.  Hiring Identity Guard to do the job for you is a perfect idea. They are experienced in the industry and collaborate with already established firms to improve service delivery.

Grab the latest identity guard coupon. Read the latest review, know about the products & services, features, pricing, discount, promo code, and more.



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