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Identity theft, fraud reports continue to hassle residents | Top Stories

New IdentityTheft Scam

A Colonial Road resident told police March 3 he is owed money for a coronavirus economic impact payment he never received in 2020. He said he got a letter from the IRS saying he never activated his rebate credit. He used contact information on the letter to start the process of getting a rebate card, but after he followed the directions and provided his personal information, he began to wonder if he’d been scammed. He says he’s not sure he was actually scammed and is going to contact the IRS to investigate his relief payment and its active status.

A Norma Place resident March 4 said his personal information was changed at his bank and he received a credit card in the mail not in his name. He was contacted by that card company’s fraud department, asked if he’d authorized anyone else in his family to share his account; he said no and the card was canceled. Not long after that, the credit card company contacted him again and said another request was made to authorize additional cards. He denied the request and the new card was canceled. The representative said access was already given to this unknown party; at this time the caller learned the phone number and email attached to the account was changed and not by him. Preventative steps were taken to protect his account. The caller so far is not out any money.

A Myrtledale Road resident told police March 2 someone opened an AT&T account using his identity. The victim said he learned two phone lines opened in his name last October had incurred $1,956 in charges. He’s working with that company’s fraud department and does not know who changed the address on his account.

Police received reports of identity theft and unemployment fraud between March 1 and March 5 from multiple residents, including a Rectory Lane resident, a Greenacres Avenue resident, two Brite Avenue residents, and residents on Woods Land, Rugby Lane, Edgewood Road, Kent Road, Sage Terrace and Claremont Road.

A Circle Road woman called police March 1 to report someone used her Social Security number to file for unemployment. She found out about the attempted fraud through the Department of Labor.

A Kent Road resident reported identity theft March 2 after the Department of Labor in Kentucky told her someone had used her personal information to file an unemployment claim.

A Garden Road resident told police March 2 she was advised by the Department of Labor in Kentucky that a fraudulent application for benefits was made in her husband’s name.

An Edgewood Road resident told police March 2 he received a credit card linked to unemployment benefits he never filed for.

Police assisted the operator of a car broken down in the left-hand turning lane on Mamaroneck Road March 1. They helped the driver get the car off the roadway and a tow truck was called.

Toyota driver behaving suspiciously

A Tunstall Road resident March 1 told police a middle-aged man wearing an orange hat pulled up in front of her house in a white Toyota and began screaming. She said she couldn’t make out his exact words but found his behavior peculiar. Police looked for the man and the car, to no avail.

A caretaker at a property on Heathcote Road March 3 reported a white Toyota parked in the parking lot that pulled away when approached. The person who called police said she was in her car and followed the other until it turned left onto Morris Lane, at which time she stopped following and returned to Heathcote Road to report the incident.

A caller traveling on Tunstall Road March 3 reported a driver in a white Toyota screaming out the window. Police looked for the described car, but couldn’t find it.

A Kent Road resident March 1 reported her two daughters received identical emails threatening them with extortion. She said the emails mentioned adult webcam sites and said the daughters’ webcam accounts had been compromised and they would have to pay to have damaging videos deleted. Neither young woman has a webcam account. Police advised the mother the emails were probably a phishing scam and advised the young women to block the senders.

Police removed a large piece of trash found in the roadway on the Heathcote Bypass Road March 1; a caller mistakenly reported it as a dead animal.

Police responded to Barker Lane March 1 on a report of an oil delivery that accidentally spilled several gallons of oil on the property line between two houses. An East Coast Energy Group representative advised police an initial cleanup took place and would continue in coming days. The representative said the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation was contacted and the incident had been documented. It appeared to police the cleanup was well underway and the person who reported it was satisfied with the progress. No environmental hazard resulted.

A man told police March 1 someone in a Toyota Rav4 followed him for an extended period of time as he traveled on Mamaroneck Road and then onto Park Road. He said when he stopped on Park Road, the car turned around and went back to Mamaroneck. Police looked for the car but didn’t find it.

An Autenrieth Road resident March 1 called police to report a fallen tree was blocking the roadway. On arrival police found the road was partially blocked. The area was taped off and the highway department was notified.

A large branch was seen hanging on telephone wires on March 2 on Popham Road. The highway department was notified.

A tree that fell on Ferncliff Road March 5 damaged service wires to a house and also damaged a smaller tree believed to be on Scarsdale Village property, blocking the right of way. Nearby homeowners were alerted of the problem and Con Edison was on scene. The highway department was notified to remove the tree while police assisted in directing pedestrian and car traffic. 

A Garden Road resident March 2 reported a white truck was parked in her neighborhood and the occupants got out, knocking on doors. The caller told police she was not expecting any service calls and occupants from the truck had knocked on her door and her neighbor’s door in the past. She said when she calls the phone number of the business printed on the truck, all she gets is an answering machine. Police looked for the truck without success.

A woman contacted police March 2 to report her silver Acura struck and damaged another car while she was backing out of a parking spot in the lot at the DeCicco Family Market on East Parkway. She said the other driver left the scene erroneously under the impression a driver is responsible for one’s own damages. Police contacted the other driver and told her to return to the lot for a proper information exchange.

Water spraying everywhere

Police responded to Nelson Road March 2 on a report of water spraying everywhere in front of a house. Upon arrival, police saw a broken pipe outside the house. The homeowner said he had no idea how to turn off the water so firefighters and an employee of the water department arrived to shut flow to the outdoor faucet. The homeowner was advised to call a plumber so the pipe could be repaired and used in the future.

The owner of a business on Chase Road called police March 2 to report three men came into his store but refused to wear their masks prior to entering. Police arrived and spoke to the three who were stopped for an unrelated incident for identification. No further information was provided regarding either incident.

A caller March 3 reported a man in dark clothing wearing a backpack “dipping in and out” of driveways in the vicinity of Kingston and Montrose roads. Police looked for him with negative results.

A Stratton Road resident called police March 3 to report a sick or injured rabbit in the driveway. On arrival, police saw a deceased bunny. It was bagged for pickup by the sanitation department.

Argument about schedule change

Police responded to a business on Chase Road March 3 on a report from a supervisor about a verbal argument she had with a co-worker over a schedule change. The other person left the scene before police arrived. Police documented the incident and gave the supervisor the paperwork.

A Black Birch Lane homeowner March 3 reported two recycling bins, one red, one blue, were missing from his property. His Ring camera showed a white car parked in front of his house. A man got out, took the containers, and placed them in the car’s back seat. The caller described the man as young and wearing jeans, a black sweatshirt and sunglasses. He didn’t note the car’s license plate. He’s not interested in pressing charges if the thief is found, but wanted the incident documented.

Delivery gets dog barking

A Hampton Road resident March 4 reported being awakened during the night by his dog barking. He said he thought someone might have been in his yard. He turned on his floodlights and saw a car leaving the area. Police located the car on Fox Meadow Road. The driver said he was making deliveries on Hampton Road, which might have startled the dog. Due to a language barrier, it was unclear if he’d been at the caller’s house. Police checked the exterior of the caller’s residence and all appeared in order.

An ambulance was requested at an address on Edgewood Road March 4 after a pitbull-terrier mix bit a man’s finger. The man’s Golden Retriever was also injured. The man was transported to Westchester Medical Center for injuries and a dog bite report completed. Information regarding the condition of the retriever was not noted.

A caller March 4 reported someone dumped a dog in a bag in a dumpster on Kelwynne Road. Police arrived and saw what appeared to be an uninjured, breathing raccoon rummaging in an open bag inside a dumpster. The caller was advised to contact a professional trapper if he wished the animal to be removed.

An Aspen Road resident called police March 5 and described a man who came to his door, stood there, but left when he noticed the house had a security camera. The caller described a man wearing army fatigue trousers and a blue hooded sweatshirt. He requested an exterior check and more patrols to his area. Police later determined the described individual was a water department employee who was checking water meters.

A woman went to police headquarters March 5 to say she accidentally left her Brazilian passport in a taxi the day before. She tried contacting the cab company but has been unable to retrieve her passport. She was advised she needed a police report to request a new document.

Firefighters responded to Haverford Avenue March 1 on a report that a tree fell on a house. On arrival, fire personnel saw the fallen tree in the backyard. When it struck the house, it damaged a window eave and a gutter. No structural damage was observed to the house itself. The tree was thought to have come down due to high winds. The homeowner was advised to contact an insurance carrier.

Police and fire personnel responded to a house on Christie Place March 2 on a report of an odor of gas. The fire captain on scene said the odor was caused by a faulty dryer vent and had been addressed.

An oven fire, reported extinguished, brought fire personnel March 4 to a home on Murray Hill Road. The remains of burnt food were still inside the oven and the fire did not extend beyond the interior of the stove. The homeowner was assisted with ventilation to rid the room of smoke.

This report, covering Scarsdale police and fire department activity from March 3 to March 7, was compiled from official information.

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