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Jonathan Diaz Is A Dynamic Entrepreneur Who is Helping Other Entrepreneurs Build Great Businesses – The UBJ

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Jonathan Diaz is a skilled and dynamic entrepreneur who has founded and developed multiple successful companies, including Code 113, Realehub, Glossy Smiles, and Credit Dyno. To experience the world hands-on, he moved out of his parents’ house at nineteen and never looked back. In fact, he started his first company when he was only fifteen years old. Because of his successful entrepreneurial career, Jonathan has worked with various top brands such as Samsung and Crunch Fitness. He has also worked with famous celebrities.

Recently, Jonathan has expressed a lot of interest in SAAS (Software as a service). He is currently developing, a LinkedIn automation software,, a software similar to Loom but with additional tools to help businesses close deals, and, a Bio-Link software similar to Link Tree with sales tools to help entrepreneurs sell their products.

Most of his businesses are aimed at helping other companies scale and get more sales. He says that he got into this industry by connecting his love for computers and entrepreneurship together at an early age. He needed to make money so naturally, he started building his own strategies to help himself scale. After a while, he started offering the services to other companies that were not as tech or marketing savvy.

The thing that makes me stand out in this industry is the fact that I focus a lot on my network while building my companies. No matter what new venture I want to start, it should always align with who I am as a person and my core values.. This is something that Jonathan truly believes in and wants to keep growing his building more connections and helping other companies. In his personal consulting business, JDiaz Business LLC, Jonathan has generated over $ 1, 000, 000 in profit in less than a year. With Go Credit Hub, a company geared towards helping credit repair companies scale, Jonathan has generated over $350k in less than a year. Overall, he has generated over $50,000,000 in revenue for other businesses collectively over the past 5 years.

Just like any other entrepreneur, Jonathan has faced obstacles and hurdles in his life. What keeps him running when times get tough are his parents. He says that they have worked so hard to provide him with everything he has ever needed. Now, his only goal is to have them fully taken care of.

To the people starting new in his industry, he wants to tell them to let go of people holding you back as quickly as possible. Not everyone is meant to be in your life forever and newer friends with similar goals in mind will come. It will get lonely at times and you will feel like quitting a lot but it will surely feel good when it all starts paying off. A tip he would give to his younger self is to not fall in love with one idea. Pivot as fast as possible and learn from every single failed venture.

Talking about his future goals, Jonathan says that in five years he sees a major company like Intuit acquiring one of his companies, Credit Dyno, being married to his girlfriend, and having his family living in Phoenix, AZ with him.

To know more about him, you can follow his social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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