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Keyless Achieves FIDO Certification – FindBiometrics

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Keyless has become the seventh company to achieve FIDO Certification for its proprietary biometric software. The company has developed a facial recognition system that does not need to store or process raw biometric data, enabling secure biometric authentication while still protecting the privacy of individual users.

The Certification indicates that Keyless’ system meets the latest international standards for accuracy and fraud prevention. In that regard, the solution had a false acceptance rate of 0.00 percent during independent testing, and was able to spot all 500 spoof attempts that were put forward as part of the Certification process. The evaluation itself was carried out by Fime, which became an accredited tester in early 2020. Keyless, meanwhile, is hoping that the Biometric Component Certification will clear the way for more commercial applications of its product.

“In today’s threat landscape, organizations have a serious obligation to protect customer data from privacy and security breaches that could expose users to identity theft, fraud, and financial crime,” said Keyless Co-Founder and CEO Andrea Carmignani. “We take this obligation seriously, leading us to complete the FIDO Biometric Certification Program to ensure that our biometric authentication technology meets globally recognized security and privacy standards.”

“FIDO’s Biometric Component Certification Program provides customers with a standardized way to trust the biometric systems they rely upon,” added FIDO Alliance Certification Director Rae Rivera. “Keyless has demonstrated that its facial recognition technology can reliably authenticate users correctly, and detect various kinds of fraudulent authentication attempts.”

The news comes only a few short weeks after Keyless brought in an additional $3 million in seed funding. The company has now secured a total of $9.2 million, a sum that includes the $2.2 million seed round it completed in 2019. Keyless’ solution is the second product to achieve Biometric Component Certification in the past month, after FEITIAN received approval with a security key featuring an FPC fingerprint sensor.

May 20, 2021 – by Eric Weiss

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