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Stephen Bizal, President, explains, “Although there are thousands of other backpacks on the market, the Leatherback Gear backpack is the only product designed specifically to save your life during an active shooting.”

THE LEATHERBACK GEAR MISSION: take something that is an everyday lifestyle accessory and turn it into a piece of personal safety equipment without altering its core design or function.

Leatherback Gear TACTICAL ONE, designed for first-responders, and the CIVILIAN ONE, designed for executive travelers and students, were created for anyone who is concerned about their personal safety in public.  Leatherback Gear backpacks are 100% functional backpacks for everyday use that within seconds, convert into a 100% protective vest covering both your front and your back with bulletproof armor.

Leatherback Gear’s soft armor panels are NIJ ballistic rating level IIIA and can stop up to .357 and .44 magnum caliber rounds, the same level of protection that law enforcement is armed with while on duty.

Leatherback Gear products also feature additional safety utilities, including two detachable tourniquets, a 300 lb. pull drag strap, and a RFID lined compartment for protecting valuables against identity theft.

The Leatherback Gear TACTICAL ONE ballistic backpack has been tested and proven by a major law enforcement agency in California. Leatherback Gear backpacks have also been implemented by the security division of a major movie studio in Hollywood, as well as a prestigious university campus security team in Southern California. Individual users have shared that they’d rather be prepared to protect themselves in an active shooting than not.

Leatherback Gear TACTICAL ONE backpack retails for $399. Leatherback Gear CIVILIAN ONE backpack retails for $329. The CHILD ONE is in development. For more information and to purchase the world’s safest backpack visit: or email: [email protected].

About Leatherback Gear, LLC. Founded in 2016 by a team of entrepreneurial, active-duty law enforcement officers, Leatherback Gear’s mission is to empower men, women and children to protect themselves against unexpected active gunfire. 

CONTACT: Sarah Zeiler, 619-857-2774, [email protected]


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