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Mac Angelo Is a Rational Digital Investor

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While science, math, and precision may be daunting to some, entrepreneur and digital investor Mac Angelo holds the power of numbers. Mac rose through the digital space ranks from someone who was merely interested in helping people fix their bad credit to an investment powerhouse and creator of unique systems that he applies in his company, LevelXstream.

To date, Mac has helped countless people. “Many of my clients come wanting to fix their credit. They come in with say, 500s or low 600s in their credit. The first thing we do is help them wipe that slate clean. We use systems created in-house that nobody else utilizes. I guess you could call them revolutionary. I use my ‘Application Sequence’ a lot. This system pretty much cleans up your credit score and sets you up to be eligible for funding,” explains Mac, adding, “I love math. I’m not one for emotion, you see. I love how precise numbers are. I’m logical, and I love spotting the patterns, of which there are many. Banks use various systems to evaluate people. I enjoy deciphering those and improving them to help my clients.”

For Mac, credit repair is just a part of the overall picture. He truly enjoys helping people understand investment and how they can utilize their money in the best ways possible. His company helps its clients secure funding, and that sometimes goes as far as $100,000 in a single day, or $10 million for a company.

When it comes to risk management, Mac believes that each situation needs to be assessed individually. “Each client will have a different level of risk tolerance. You can’t invest as aggressively for everyone because they each have their own unique situation. For example, one person may want to add more real estate to their portfolio, while for another, that would be cryptocurrency. The important thing is to have a solid strategy,” he remarks.

Mac makes a point that risk is a massive aspect in digital investments. “Long-term investments are less risky, and vice versa. The important thing is that people get exposed to this kind of investment and begin to understand it because this is the future,” says Mac.

Mac Angelo has big goals. He wants to build a reverse-model lending bank. He wants to help the masses understand credit and encourage them to improve their situations in spite of having a bad credit score at one point or another. “People deserve a second chance,” he explains, adding that there’s more to credit than just numbers. Credit encompasses societal issues and is merely a reflection of those, which is why providing education is so crucial. “Credit isn’t the most perfect system, unfortunately, when it comes to reflecting society and how things are going. It’s definitely a good indicator, but not a perfect one by far,” he muses.

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