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First Posted: Nov 19, 2020 10:00 AM EST

Entrepreneur and digital investor Mac Angelo is a master of adaptation and change. The owner and creator of LevelXstream, a company that helps ordinary people fix their credit scores and begin investing in the digital space, he’s got many years of experience under his belt and is excited to share his best insights. Coming to the United States from Cameroon, Africa, Mac was confronted with a great deal of change, not only in his daily life but in the overall culture.

“When I got to America, I spent my first six years in the US Army. This is where I pretty much destroyed my credit score because young guys in the military, we didn’t particularly care about our credit, as you can imagine. And here’s the thing: in Cameroon, we don’t borrow money. We just don’t. We’re shy about it, and we try to only buy things when we can afford them with our own savings,” he shares.

Mac quickly understood how to improve his situation. He had one-on-one mentorship and sought advice from leaders in the industry until he became one himself. Having gone through the credit journey personally, Mac and his expert team can now help many others in similar situations.

“When it comes to credit repair, we need a little time, something along the lines of 30 to 60 days. We begin by helping our people remove their negatives. This depends on how much is piled up, but if it’s a terrible account overall, deep in the negative, then we’ll try to dispute the whole account. So if we’re successful and the whole account gets removed, then we don’t have anything in the negative anymore, which is a great starting point. This is what we call a ‘credit sweep,'” explains Mac.

Once the credit sweep is done and a client’s account has turned into a clean slate, the client then obtains a clean credit card, and their score goes up to a healthy 750. Then, Mac focuses on finding funding for his clients. Mac has a fantastic idea of what underwriters look for with his years of experience, and he helps prepare his clients and set them up for success according to those parameters.

He has gone as far as inventing his own system called the “Application Sequence.” Mac helps his clients get approved for a minimum of $100,000 in a single day with this method. His work is truly transformative for hundreds of people, and he prides himself on that.

With clients who are applying for business loans, the amount they become eligible for gets even higher with Mac’s help. Mac explains that the pandemic has had a tremendous effect on business. “Because of COVID-19, the banks are more flexible with approving higher credit limits to help businesses. We have helped businesses scale their working capital over $10 million,” he shares. No matter how big the business grows, Mac Angelo is dedicated to knowing all of his clients and having a real idea of where they are at, which truly makes him unique.

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