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No More Data Breaches, No More Identity Theft

New IdentityTheft Scam

Re-imagine data privacy

With Omnibasis we provide a data privacy as a service platform, there are no more data breaches and no more identity theft. Businesses large and small can use the power of the Blockchain to protect their customers personal data access with Omnibasis – said Vlad Kroutik, Founder and CEO of Omnibasis

Omnibasis is re-imagining data privacy with a cloud based platform that enables consumers to opt-in and manage their preferences and personal data access across multiple businesses and connected devices. Consumers are now fully in charge of their data privacy and any accesses to their personal data – on their terms!

The Omnibasis cloud platform helps companies to comply with GDRP requirement and at the same time gives consumers choices on what data to share, with whom and how often. Businesses are empowered with the secure, cloud-based platform that leverages the blockchain network to manage consumer consent, permissions and preferences.

Personal data will only be accessed and shared with explicit consumer consent and permissions that are managed by contracts between the parties and securely and audit-proof stored on the Blockchain.

Omnibasis data privacy as a service enables enterprises to access only the allowed personal information at the right time, leading to transparent policies that:

  • Provide clear and transparent notice of data collection;
  • Tracking and reporting on data usage purposes and access timing;
  • Define data retention and deletion rules that are driven by explicit consumer consent preferences.

The Omnibasis platform created the Circle of Trust Network that ensures access to personal data is respected and every interaction is securely documented and encrypted on the Blockchain.

With just two months remaining until the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect, the Omnibasis platform solves the challenge of new consumer protection laws for businesses, small and large.

About Omnibasis. Omnibasis re-imagines data privacy with the patent-pending Circle of Trust network that ensures access to personal data is respected and every interaction is securely documented and encrypted on the Blockchain. The Omnibasis platform is securing personal data access, as well as managing consumer preferences, permissions and consents. Businesses use Omnibasis to securely engage with consumers. The data privacy as a service platform available at

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