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Paper healthcare records highly vulnerable, yet often overlooked

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Breach after breach is occurring within the healthcare vertical, as medical providers, insurers, and medical device companies find themselves fielding evermore sophisticated techniques from criminal entities. Targeted phishing remains consistently lucrative from a target/execution model.

In focusing our information security teams so tightly on the cyber model, though, are we overlooking the information sitting in the file cabinets and archival storage — the paper, backup tapes, or other data stores — that are not readily observable by the in-place data loss protection schema?

How small and overworked infosec teams must focus on where the biggest bang for their buck will be recovered seems logical. A breach touching the backend of a hospital or locking down all the medical devices would certainly have the potential to be a catastrophe.

Can a file folder or two or three — or hundred or thousand do substantive damage? Perhaps only if you are the patient whose personal identifying information (PII) or protected health information (PHI) are compromised. Though HIPAA enforcement from OCR carries a much more telling bite than has previously been experienced by entities with lackadaisical notions of physical security of paper or archival records. They are still talking about the multi-million-dollar fine levied when a healthcare provider included patient information in a press release.

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