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Privacy Online Highlights Security Issue: VPN Use Essential to Prevent Fraud – Press Release

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December 3, 2020 – Privacy Online, a leading IT firm focused on the security of its large readership, has recently highlighted an alarming uptick in fraud in connection with e-commerce and a greater level of online activity.

According to the acting director of the firm, “In today’s quickly changing landscape of e-commerce and online financial activity, online shoppers should be more vigilant than ever when it comes to using their credit cards and other forms of payment online.” When asked about the reasons for his call for increased vigilance, the director pointed to several issues related to e-commerce, such as increased theft and privacy issues.

Hackers and thieves who lie in wait for unsuspecting internet shoppers and novice e-commerce vendors who have yet to learn how to keep themselves safe impact millions of people each year. The answer that both sides of the fence are looking for can be found in VPNs.

VPNs not only help protect shoppers against identity theft, but they are also useful in encrypting traffic, which is a necessary aspect of maintaining secure transactions. Many of the world’s best VPN companies provide military-grade encryption which is nearly impossible to ‘crack’ by the common criminal. Encryption also helps vendors provide their e-commerce services without unnecessary risk.

The risks involved with e-commerce are many, but there are a few methods that criminals use that are more common than others. When asked about the types of attacks that are seen most frequently, the head of security at Privacy Online had this to say:

“We see our readers complain about everything from Krack attacks to MitM attacks. Cybercriminals scan networks to find weak points and are often successful on systems that are not protected by a VPN. Whether they end up cracking passwords or intercepting traffic is generally dependent on the vulnerabilities discovered in the system that is being attacked.”

Privacy Online has rolled out a new service aimed at providing education to e-commerce users. The goal, according to the head of sales, is to help minimize the negative impacts of increased fraud associated with elevated e-commerce use. There are many simple ways that users can protect themselves and the simplest is by using a robust VPN service.

With a focus on fraud prevention, Privacy Online’s lineup of educational content will be centered around encryption protocols, identity protection, anonymity, jurisdictional issues, VPN protocol selection and utilization, and common security practices, and more.

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Privacy Online is made up of a dedicated team of IT professionals which has become known for its expert advice and guidance in the field of online privacy and security. The Finnish IT team provides up-to-date information to a diverse range of readers. Privacy Online keeps an eye on trends and threats in the online space and seeks to help its readership avoid problems while online.  

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