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S.D. Office of Attorney General celebrates National Consumer Protection Week | Local News Stories

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During National Consumer Protection week, March 1-7, Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg is releasing his office’s general Top Ten Consumer Complaints received by the office in 2019. 

“Our Consumer Protection Division is working every day to address issues plaguing consumers and businesses relating to consumer issues,” said Ravnsborg. “The Division works to educate South Dakotans on how to detect fraud, and what their next steps are. Recognition and notification are the first steps to prevention.” 

”Whether you are looking for ways to protect yourself from fraud, identity theft and scams, or are looking for the best way to use credit, I encourage you to visit the Division’s website at,” said the Ravnsborg.

You can also get a free hard copy of the new Consumer Protection Handbook, by calling 1-800-300-1986, or emailing [email protected]. The Division can also give presentations to organizations or groups upon request. If interested, contact them at 1-800-300-1986 or [email protected].

The Office of the South Dakota Attorney General and the Division of Consumer Protection help all South Dakotans to not fall victim to scams. They remind consumers to stay vigilant when it comes to protecting themselves.

Jody Gillaspie is the director of the Division of Consumer Protection. According to her, the 2019 top 10 areas of consumer complaints are:

  • 1. Retail Sales – consists of work-at-home, computers/software, cable providers, retail general, cell phones, vets/pets, unsolicited mail, photography, gift cards, memberships, boats, moving companies.
  • 2. Landlord/Tenant – can consist of deposit issues, repair work, evictions.
  • 3. Credit Reporting – credit card companies, collection issues, debt adjusting/consolidation, inaccurate credit reporting, garnishments.
  • 4. Auto – new, used, title issues, lease/rental, extended warranty, financing, repairs, camper/motorhome, repossession.
  • 5. Health Fraud – billing, pharmaceutical issues, medical provider, healthcare claims & products, devices/equipment.
  • 6. Travel – flights/airlines, motel, hotel, campgrounds, timeshares, vacation packages.
  • 7. Home Repair – landscaping, windows, roofing, electrical, painting, remodel, contractor/subcontractors, plumbing, new construction, new mobile home, concrete, floor coverings, new modular home.
  • 8. Internet Goods – fraud, auctions, pets/animals, websites, retail, gambling, providers.
  • 9. Telemarketing – Do Not Call, fraud, sweepstakes, magazines, extended warranties, collection scams, buz op scams, grant scams, business to business, trial offers, etc.
  • 10. Predatory Lending – mortgage, loans, banking entities, student loans, foreclosure, payday/title loans, usuary laws.

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