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BREVARD COUNTY — Sometimes life throws you more than you can handle. Bills overwhelm you, an accident leaves you in debt or perhaps it’s difficult to say no to impulsive buying. Whatever the outcome, Set 4 Increase LLC is here to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Kiwana Thomas is the owner of Set 4 Increase LLC and is a certified financial education instructor with a passion for helping others. She believes education is a powerful tool that can help people achieve their financial goals by understanding how credit works and how creating a budget saves you money.

Located at1795 Cogswell St., Suite No. 101, Rockledge, Set 4 Increase provides financial workshops, financial coaching, and a money boot camp called “LYFE” (Living Your Financial Expectations).

“I tell people all of the time, finances undergird every decision you make – whether it’s where you’re going to go to school, what you’re going to eat, how you live, or the quality of what you buy,” Mrs. Thomas said. “People generally give up on their dreams because they don’t have the finances to do what they desire to do.

“I make those dreams come alive again so that they can focus on their goal and their dream knowing that their finances are being taken care of,” she continued. “The thing that sets us apart from everybody else is accountability. We are your true accountability partners to help you get the job done.”

One of the biggest issues Mrs. Thomas encounters is the lack of credit education schools have. Instead of sending people to credit repair companies, Mrs. Thomas will work with them to raise their score and maintain it, with her clients often reaching a minimum score of 740.

Residents living paycheck to paycheck, wishing to save for their child’s education, a home, or to afford a family vacation, can rest easy knowing that Mrs. Thomas has their best interest at heart.

She began her business in 2012 out of Fayetteville, North Carolina.  She has coached families to make informed financial decisions and choices.  Her family, too, experienced the weight of financial hardship.

“I would like to leave them with, I truly believe that all things are possible, you first just have to believe,” Mrs. Thomas said.

Clients have followed Mrs. Thomas across the country and would not allow her to give up on her business, as her Air Force veteran husband moved the family to California. Once the family grew to four children, they moved back home to Rockledge.

Set 4 Increase offers free consultations and meet-and-greets, which allows Mrs. Thomas to get to know potential clients and vice versa.  Office hours are set by appointment only.

Through her Facebook group “S4I Family,” Mrs. Thomas offers webinars and discussions on timely topics that can help individuals and families save or earn extra income.  

Set 4 Increase provides free public workshops and webinars to the community. The next financial series called “2020 Financial Victory” is designed to help you peacefully live out your financial dream this year.

Visit to reserve your spot in the webinar starting February.

The next event entitled “Rebound from Holiday Debt” is scheduled for noon, Monday, Jan. 27 at the Sunflower House located inside the Merritt Island Mall.

For more information, call (321) 213-9477 or visit

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