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The safest places to live alone

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More Americans live alone than in the past — way more. Census Bureau data shows that 27 percent of Americans lived by themselves in 2013, compared with 5 percent in the 1920s. While living alone is frequently a choice embraced by people who relish their freedom and privacy, FBI crime reports show that people who live alone are more vulnerable to be burglarized.

Putting those single household statistics and crime statistics together, the staff at A Secure Life, a provider of home security systems as well as identity theft protection, determined the safest and most dangerous states to live alone.

While some people might immediately think of big cities such as New York, Boston and Philadelphia as dangerous, the analysis, which looked at statewide data, found that New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maine and Missouri are the top 10 safest states to live for single people.

When we asked the researchers to include the District in their analysis, they found that the 10 states where it’s riskiest to live alone include: Alaska, Maryland, New Mexico, Tennessee, Louisiana, Delaware, Arkansas, D.C., Alabama and South Carolina.

Virginia ranked 17th on the list, indicating it’s much safer than Maryland (the second-most dangerous place to live) and the District (the eighth-most dangerous place for singles.)

Among the safety suggestions for singles offered by A Secure Life: Get a dog, get better door locks, get a security system and get to know your neighbors so you can watch out for each other. To see the full report, visit

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