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The security company Aura has announced that it will get Pango for an undisclosed amount

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The security company Aura has announced that it will get Pango for an undisclosed amount to expand its present identity security and safety offerings.

In addition to being the company behind the popular VPN Hotspot Shield, Pango also supplies service as well as a manager. The company partnered with Aura to offer its identity theft protection support IdentityGuard to help protect users online.

Through its purchase of Pango, Aura intends to be the premier unified security suite that protects consumers and their families with comprehensive products. The combined entity will offer all-in-one protection for consumers by combining both firms’ privacy, safety and identity solutions.

Aura and Pango

In a media release, founder and CEO of Aura, Hari Ravichandran clarified how the acquisition would allow the company to offer a holistic solution to protect consumers’ privacy and safety, stating:

“The momentum Aura is constructing with the purchase of Pango uniquely places our company to continue scaling as we integrate exceptional products which supply an electronic halo of security for customers. Security and privacy are more important than ever, and Aura aims to be a simple solution. The worldwide joint company is rewarding with well over $200 million earnings and a talented team of over 450 all-stars committed to ensuring that our millions of subscribers have the most advanced technologies to safeguard themselves and their nearest and dearest.”

Aura obtained their products alongside Pango’s, and PrivacyMate and FigLeaf will be merged into a holistic safety and privacy solution during the next four to six quarters.

Ravichandran will stay the CEO of Aura When Pango’s acquisition is finished, and Pango CEO Sujay Jaswa that will serve as chairman of the board will join him.

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