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Tips to prevent identity theft when traveling

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When traveling, it is important to keep your personal belongings secure, as losing your documents could put you at a risk of identity theft.

In the worst case, this could lead to money stolen from your bank account, fraud and other criminal conduct. 

Here are some tips to prevent identity theft according to Becky Frost, Consumer Education Manager for Experian’s ProtectMyID, an identity theft protection service, as compiled by

1. Limit the number of cards

Credit cards and debit cards are important sources of funds when traveling, but it doesn’t mean it is necessary to bring too many at once. 

Before traveling, it is advised to do a wallet inventory and only bring as necessary. You may need one or two credit cards on vacation, so it’s not necessary to bring every credit and debit card you own.  

2. Keep a copy of important documents

In case your wallet goes missing, make sure to quickly contact your bank, credit card provider, medical insurance providers and other companies. 

Make photocopies of the front and back of all your important cards to keep securely at home. It’s also a good idea to travel with a backup copy and to keep it separate from your wallet. 

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3. Keep valuables and photocopies of important documents in the hotel safe

When staying in a hotel, there is usually a safe to keep valuables and other important items. Make sure to use to it to secure your items.

A safe may not be available when staying in a hostel. If the security seems lacking, make sure to bring important documents and valuables with you when showering and sleeping. 

4. Luggage tags do not need detailed information

Luggage tags may be useful; however, it is not the safest idea to display all of your personal identifiable information on the tags. 

When writing, consider listing only your first name, mobile phone and e-mail address, rather than your full name and home address. (liz/wng)

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