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New IdentityTheft Scam

FLORIDA — In recognition of World Password Day on May 6 the Florida Attorney General’s Office urged residents to take steps to guard their passwords.

The sudden surge in work from home and online education provided more opportunities for scammers to steal sensitive information.

“Hackers and scammers were ecstatic that COVID-19 forced millions to work remotely and engage in even more day-to-day interactions online rather than in person, “ noted Attorney General Ashley Moody. “Pandemic or not, online identity thieves and hackers are always on the prowl, so it’s critical to protect your privacy by using strong passwords.”

The Attorney General offers the following tips to help Floridians strengthen their passwords to guard against identity theft, hackers and fraud.

*Create strong passwords to protect against identity thieves

*Change an account password if it has not been updated recently

*Utilize a different password than the default password of a new account or device

*Never sign into accounts using public WiFi networks

*Enable multifactor authentication whenever possible

*Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters in a password

*Never employ the same password across multiple accounts

*Choose strong security questions with answers that cannot be easily guessed or found online

*Immediately alter the password of an account if the account provider experiences a data breach;

*Never provide log-in or financial information in response to an unsolicited email, phone call, text or social media message.

The Attorney General’s office has issued a Scams at a Glance resource that provides warning signs that identity theft may have occurred and additional ways to guard private information, and recover from identity theft.

Click on this link to download Scams at a Glance: Identity Theft –

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