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Top 10 complaints received by the attorney general | KOLR

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Mo. — The attorney general announced Missouri’s top 10 consumer complaints of 2019.

The number one item, with 43,000 votes was no-call complaints.

That’s things like illegal telemarketing and business soliciting homes, despite being on a “no-call list”.

Here is the rest of the top 10:

  • Solicitations/Publications/Subscriptions – mail and phone solicitations for publications and subscriptions
  • Financial – disputes with financial institutions, debt collection companies and credit repair services
  • Automotive – automobiles, automotive dealers, and automotive repair shops
  • Retail/Wholesale – most complaints involved purchases made through the internet, telephone, or mail and involved late deliveries or products that were never delivered.
  • Communications/Technology/Online Services – telephone cramming and billing practices where consumers received a phone bill for services that they did not order or were charged unauthorized fees on their telephone bill from third parties.
  • Real Estate and Construction – home repair contractors are among the most common type of complaints received by the office.
  • Timeshares/Travel Clubs – allegations that companies promised to resell timeshares and failed to do so, that companies failed to provide deeds for timeshares that consumers purchased, and that companies charged undisclosed fees or unexpectedly and continuously increased fees for maintenance and other related services.
  • Health – billing issues regarding hospitals and doctor visits, supplemental purchases, and disputes regarding health insurance payments.
  • Identity Theft – problems involving identity

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