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Top 5 ID Monitoring Services of 2021

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Identity theft has become more prevalent than ever and fraudsters are deploying a variety of techniques and tricks to hijack your personal information. Identity thieves can wreak havoc on your life by opening up credit cards in your name, selling your information on the dark web, or even using your identity if arrested for a crime.

Luckily, there are identity theft protection services that can help keep your identity and personal information safe from criminals. The best identity theft protection companies will monitor your credit for suspicious activity, send real-time alerts if fraud is detected, and provide ID theft insurance in case you’re a victim of a data breach.

But with so many identity monitoring services to choose from, choosing the best company can feel like an overwhelming task. To help you decide, we’ve reviewed the best identity theft protection services. We evaluated each company on a variety of factors including protection plans, features, price, company reputation, and more.

If you’re serious about protecting your identity and keeping your personal information safe from criminals, here are the best identity theft services of 2021.

Top 5 Best Identity Theft Protection Services of 2021

#1 Credit Squad: Best Company Overall

Credit Squad is our top choice for the best identity theft protection service of 2021. Relatively new to credit monitoring and identity theft services, New York-based Credit Squad has distinguished itself among big-name ID theft protection companies by providing a personal touch you won’t find anywhere else.

Credit Squad offers a myriad of services for monitoring identity, including:

  • Bank account monitoring
  • Credit score tracking
  • Lost wallet replacement
  • Nearby sex offender monitoring
  • SSN tracing

When you sign up, you tell Credit Squad what information you want it to track, which the company does using its proprietary Light Watch scanning technology. If Light Watch finds any of your information online, you’ll receive real-time alerts. And if you fall victim to identity theft, Credit Squad will provide coverage for up to $1 million in losses.

Credit Squad is hands-down the best identity theft protection firm for customer service, with 24/7 United States–based support and access to trained credit counselors who can give you personalized financial advice—no matter which plan you choose. You’ll also receive an assigned caseworker and paralegal to help you with the identity recovery process if your identity does get compromised.

Credit Squad’s standard plan only includes credit monitoring, while the company’s other two individual plans and three family plans all come with identity theft protection services. In fact, the basic family plan only includes ID theft services. Even if you’re childfree, you may still want to consider this plan if you want ID protection and already have a credit monitoring service with another company.

The top-tier Elite plans really have it all, though: tri-bureau credit monitoring, monthly credit reports, and in-depth identity theft protection—all for just under $50.

If you want hands-on credit monitoring and identity protection services, then Credit Squad is the company for you. You will be able to rest assured that you have ultrasecure credit.

  • Credit bureau monitoring from Equifax, Transunion, and Experian
  • Choose from individual and family protection plans
  • Full-service identity recovery services
  • $1M in identity theft insurance
  • Free email address scan

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#2 Identity Guard: Comprehensive Credit Protection Plans

identity guard

In 1996, Identity Guard’s founding company, Intersections Inc., emerged as one of the first identity theft protection services in the industry—right as the Internet was becoming mainstream. Since then, this Virginia-based identity protection firm has served over 50 million customers and earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Identity Guard has cemented its status as one of the best identity theft protection entities in existence by offering several helpful services:

  • Address monitoring
  • Bank account monitoring
  • Credit monitoring
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Social media monitoring

Some of these services are available across all Identity Guard plans, while others are available only at certain levels. For example, Identity Guard’s credit monitoring service includes yearly credit reports and monthly credit scores from the three major credit bureaus in the premium Ultra plans, but only one bureau in the lower plans.

Another area worth looking at when choosing a plan is social media monitoring. You’ll only receive social media analyses in the Ultra plan, and cyberbullying alerts come with all family plans, making them excellent options for families with teens. Many identity theft protection services don’t even offer social media monitoring, so the fact that Identity Guard includes these features at all is a huge plus.

But no matter which plan you choose, you’ll get a dedicated case manager who is based in the United States, $1 million in identity theft insurance, identity recovery assistance, and an easy-to-use dashboard available both online and in the Identity Guard mobile app, all of which will provide you with ultra-secure credit, giving you great peace of mind.

Plus, you’ll enjoy Identity Guard’s standout feature: IBM Watson artificial intelligence, a supercomputer that “thinks” as it processes billions of data points all across the web every day.

According to the programmers, this artificial intelligence reduces the risk of identity theft by approximately 16%. If the artificial intelligence detects any theft, Identity Guard will alert you within three seconds.

Identity Guard offers three reasonably priced plans: Value, Total, and Ultra. All of the plans are available for individuals and as family plans, which include protection for two adults and unlimited children, and even the Ultra Family plan costs under $40. Furthermore, you can save up to $5 per month if you bill annually, depending on your plan.

When it comes to identity theft protection, you can’t go wrong with Identity Guard.

  • Real-time fraud alerts
  • Identity recover assistance
  • Individual and family protection plans
  • Notifications from data breaches
  • $1 million in ID theft insurance

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#3 IdentityIQ: Best ID Theft Insurance


Las Vegas-based IDIQ founded its flagship brand IdentityIQ in 2010 to help keep their personal information safe. With the help of the company’s United States–based support team, IdentityIQ has maintained an A+ BBB rating ever since. In particular, IdentityIQ draws praise for its comprehensive identity theft insurance coverage across all plans.

Ideally, you won’t even need to use the insurance, since IdentityIQ offers a wide range of monitoring services, including:

  • Address change monitoring
  • Bank account monitoring
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Lost wallet assistance
  • Social Security number alerts

In addition, the company’s top two plans include annual triple-bureau credit reports and scores. With the top-tier Secure Max plan, you can use a credit score simulator to see how potential fraudulent actions would affect your credit score.

IdentityIQ really stands out, though, in offering the best identity theft protection insurance in the industry. Even the lowest plan comes with up to $1 million in reimbursement, as well as coverage for attorney fees and personal expenses that are related to the recovery process. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that safety nets are in place if your identity is ever stolen.

You’ll also let out a sigh of relief when you see how little IdentityIQ costs. The basic plan rings up at just $6.99 per month, and Secure Max costs only $29.99 each month, much lower than other companies’ top plans. If you’re looking for a family plan, Secure Max also includes family protection with $25,000 in ID theft insurance per child under 25 years old.

And before you sign up, make sure you take advantage of IdentityIQ’s seven-day trial for only $1.

For ultimate peace of mind with your ultrasecure credit and ID theft protection service, whether you want to protect your assets or safeguard your family, look no further than IdentityIQ.

  • Daily credit monitoring for suspicious activity
  • $1 million in identity theft insurance
  • Full ID theft restoration
  • 12 credit reports and scores from all 3-bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion)
  • Family protection plans included at no additional cost

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#4 LifeLock: Most Trusted Fraud Protection Service


Twelve years after LifeLock’s founding in Arizona, antivirus company Norton purchased LifeLock in 2017, making it the best identity theft protection service for online protection. As of 2021, LifeLock serves over five million customers and has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

As its name implies, LifeLock is known for allowing you to easily lock—or “freeze”—your credit so that no one else can access your credit report. If you have the LifeLock Ultimate Plus plan and lose your wallet or detect fraud, you can instantly freeze your bank accounts and credit cards, as well as lock inquiries with the three credit bureaus.

In addition, LifeLock provides the following identity monitoring services in its user-friendly online interface and mobile app:

  • Address change monitoring
  • Bank account and credit card alerts
  • Credit monitoring
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Data breach notifications

LifeLock’s credit monitoring service includes monthly credit reports and yearly credit scores, but where the company truly shines is online protection. All plans except for the base option come with Norton 360 antivirus software, which protects against computer viruses, phishing, malware, spyware, and more.

Furthermore, Norton 360 with LifeLock searches for all kinds of personal information on the dark web, including your SSN, date of birth, email addresses, credit card numbers, phone numbers, and so much more. If someone is using your information for nefarious purposes on the dark web, LifeLock will find it.

Plus, LifeLock can even help your kids stay safe online with LifeLock Junior, the family plan option. For an additional monthly fee per child, LifeLock Junior will protect your kids’ information from synthetic identity theft as well as monitor their peer-to-peer file sharing such as music and videos.

LifeLock plans come in four tiers: Standard, Select, Advantage, and Ultimate Plus. As the price increases, so does the number of features, but there’s also another important distinction: only Ultimate Plus offers $1 million in identity theft insurance. Advantage covers $100,000, and the lower two plans cover just $25,000.

However, with all plans, LifeLock does cover up to $1 million in lawyer fees if you have to recover your stolen identity.

LifeLock Ultimate Plus gives you the most bang for your buck at a maximum of $34.99 per month. This plan monitors the most kinds of data, including investment and retirement accounts.

  • Includes Norton-360 to protect your devices from online threats
  • Sends alerts via phone, text, email, or mobile app
  • Save up to 25% the first year
  • Up to $25,000 to $1 million in stolen funds reimbursement

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#5 ExtraCredit: Best For Credit Monitoring


Since 1996, has been a leader in the credit reporting industry with over a million members to date. Still, the company’s new ExtraCredit service takes credit monitoring a step further with an entire identity protection suite. Instead of paying different services to build, guard, track, and restore your credit, you can do it all with ExtraCredit for a low monthly fee.’s ExtraCredit provides a ton of services for the price. The company breaks them down into five categories: Build It, Guard It, Track It, Reward It, and Restore It. For our purposes in this review, we’ll focus on the identity monitoring services in Guard It and the credit monitoring ones in Track It, including the following:

  • Data breach alerts
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Three-bureau credit monitoring
  • 28 FICO credit scores

Who knew you could get such comprehensive ID protection services from a company whose business is mainly monitoring your credit? And if your identity is stolen, ExtraCredit has your back, with identity theft insurance for up to $1 million.

But if building and maintaining your credit is equally as important to you as identity protection, then you’ll enjoy ExtraCredit’s additional features. reports your rent and utility payments to credit bureaus helping you bolster your credit report. Plus, the company’s expert U.S.–based restoration team will help you repair your credit if it has seen better days.

And if all that wasn’t enough, the ExtraCredit program can also help you earn up to $300 in cash offers. Who doesn’t love earning money?

Unlike other identity theft protection services, ExtraCredit doesn’t have different tiers. Instead, everyone pays $24.99 each month for the entire suite. estimates that if bought separately, ExtraCredit’s five services could total roughly $90, so you’re getting an exceptional deal. And if you’re not satisfied with ExtraCredit, you can cancel at any time.

If you want an all-in-one solution for monitoring identity theft and building your credit score, ExtraCredit will meet all of your needs with ease.

  • Best for credit monitoring and rebuilding credit score
  • ID theft insurance included
  • Dark web monitoring
  • One low monthly-fee

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Comparison of the Top 10 Identity Theft Monitoring Services

Rank Company Score
1st Credit Squad 9.7
2nd Identity Guard 9.4
3rd IdentityIQ 8.9
4th LifeLock 8.8
5th ExtraCredit 8.5
6th ID Watchdog 8.2
7th PrivacyGuard 7.8
8th Experian IdentityWorks 7.6
9th IdentityForce 7.3
10th myFico 7.0

What Is Identity Theft?

Identity theft is a crime involving the unauthorized use of someone else’s personal information, such as Social Security numbers, credit cards, bank accounts, health insurance, and other records.

There are several types of identity theft—financial, medical, tax, employment, and others. Basically, thieves can carry out a wide range of actions with your personal information, including making purchases, opening accounts, getting a passport, filing a false tax return—the list goes on and on.

Of course, you’re probably familiar with credit card fraud, but there are a few other specific types of identity theft to be aware of.

For instance, identity cloning occurs when someone lives their daily life as another person. This sounds like the plot of many movies, but it happens in real life more often than you’d expect, often in the case of undocumented immigrants or U. S. citizens with criminal records and poor credit masquerading as other people, especially on social media.

Another type of identity theft is synthetic, which means a mix of real and fraudulent personal information—a real SSN with a fake name and birthday, for example. Eventually, the fraudulent identity records could merge with the victim’s real records, which could lead to several complications.

How Do Identity Protection Services Work?

An identity protection service uses a combination of technology and professionals to regularly scan websites, databases, and social media in search of suspicious activity involving the personal information you provide. Plus, the company will look at your credit reports for any irregularities.

If the service detects any fraudulent activity, it will notify you immediately via email, text message, or mobile app alert. And if you become a victim of identity theft, most identity protection service providers will offer identity restoration assistance and reimbursement for up to $1 million in damages.

It’s important to remember that credit monitoring services don’t prevent identity theft—no company can do that. That said, their constant identity monitoring and instant alerts will help you quickly take action to nip damages in the bud.

Features to Look for in a Good Identity Theft Protection Service

Credit Monitoring

Your credit score can be a good indicator of identity theft, especially if you see actions on your credit report that you don’t recall, like applications for credit cards or loans. Identity theft protection companies will monitor your credit score for any changes or suspicious activity. Your goal is ultrasecure credit.

Some companies include credit reporting from just one credit bureau, but most obtain reports from all three credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

Dark Web Monitoring

The dark web is a deeper part of the Internet that isn’t indexed by search engines; instead, it requires specific software, configurations, or authorization to access. The dark web is a hotbed for the sale of illicit personal information: credit card numbers, login credentials, Social Security numbers, and more.

An identity theft protection service with dark web monitoring will scan this part of the Internet to detect if anyone is fraudulently using your information.

Identity Theft Insurance

Most of the best identity theft protection services offer identity theft insurance that covers you if your identity does get stolen, typically with a $1 million cap in reimbursements. Especially considering attorney fees and other costs related to the recovery process, insurance is a must, so you shouldn’t settle for a service that doesn’t include it.

Family Plans

If you want to protect the personal information of your spouse, children, or parents, you need to choose an identity theft protection company with a family plan. Family plans allow you to add members of your household to your account rather than creating individual accounts for each person.

Mobile Apps

Many identity theft protection services have mobile apps for monitoring identity theft on the go. Check the app’s ratings on the App Store or Google Play store, depending on your smartphone. For the ultimate security, look for a company with a mobile app that has two-factor authentication.

Two-factor authentication requires you to provide two different types of information to log into your account, such as a password and fingerprint.

Identity Theft Restoration

If your identity is stolen, you’ll want dedicated support during the identity restoration process, usually in the form of counselors or specialists who will guide you through the steps of contacting credit agencies, finding an attorney, and completing important paperwork. Some companies even offer restoration support 24/7.

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