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Top 5 two-way firewalls for Windows 10

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Avast Internet Security

If you’re looking for an antivirus with two-way firewall, Avast Internet Security might be just what you need. The Free version of Avast doesn’t have a built-in antivirus, so if you want to use the antivirus feature, you’ll need to purchase Avast Internet Security or Avast Premier version.

Avast Internet Security has a real-time scanner that can protect you from malware and ransomware. The application also has a Wi-Fi vulnerability scanner so you can easily detect unsafe Wi-Fi networks. In addition, the application has a built-in password manager, so all your passwords will be protected from hackers.

Avast Internet Security has an advanced two-way firewall so you can easily block suspicious applications from accessing the Internet. In addition, there’s phishing and fraud protection that will prevent hackers from stealing your personal information.

This version also has a spam protection and additional ransomware security layer. Lastly, there’s also a sandbox mode that allows you to run suspicious applications in a safe environment without affecting your PC.

For ultimate security, there’s Avast Premier that comes with some unique features. On top of all previously mentioned features, this version has webcam protection that will prevent malicious users from spying on you. In addition, this version will also remind you to update other applications on your PC in order to reduce the vulnerability of your system. Lastly, this version also has a file shredder feature so you can permanently delete your files.

Overall, Avast Internet Security offers great features and solid protection, and with a built-in two-way firewall, it’s a decent solution for most users.

Avast Internet Security features:

  • Malware and ransomware protection
  • Two-way firewall
  • Wi-Fi Vulnerability scanner
  • Password manager
  • Fraud and phishing protection
  • Sandbox Mode
  • Spam protection

Avast Premier features:

  • Webcam protection
  • File shredder
  • Automatic updater for applications

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Many antivirus solutions come with a built-in two-way firewall, and if you’re looking for an antivirus with two-way firewall, Bitdefender would be our top pick. If you just need a two-way firewall, you might want to try ZoneAlarm.


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