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Top Tech Awards: Startup Tech of the Year, Kris Cuaresma-Primm

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Kris Cuaresma-Primm has made a name for himself at tech startups. Formerly at Uber, then Lyft and now as the general manager at Homie, Cuaresma-Primm knows what it takes to get a project off the ground and create staying power in the market.

Homie is a tech company that is disrupting the real estate industry by allowing customers to buy and sell their homes on a unique online platform, supported by a full-service agency that’s unlike any other service out there. Homie’s model eliminates many of the fees and high commissions associated with traditional real estate transactions—creating an experience that is convenient, cost-efficient and responsive to the modern consumer.

Using groundbreaking technology and an affinity for customer service, Homie’s goal is to make homeownership accessible to all. This goal aligns well with Cuaresma-Primm’s ability to improve peoples’ lives using smart technology. Proprietary software, innovative marketing and operational implementation are all well within his wheelhouse.

With a dedication to using technology and leveraging partnerships to improve the community, Cuaresma-Primm is able to successfully execute important initiatives. He’s using this community-minded approach at Homie to launch the Home Is Possible Coalition, with a mission to end the racial homeownership gap in the Valley. HIP Coalition’s goal is to help 5,000 Black families buy a home in Southern Nevada by contributing financial literacy, credit repair and down payment assistance.

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