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Zak Najac

Meet Zak Najac

Meet Zak Najac

A Credit Repair Company from Orlando, FL, is launching a new lucrative partnership with $1 million in identity theft fraud insurance for each of its members.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, U.S., June 1, 2020 / — Wealthy Operators, a credit repair company from Orlando has recently launched a lucrative partnership that allows them to assist with $1 million in identity theft fraud. “Insurance like this will now help protect customers and members are subject to a money-back guarantee” says founder Zak Najac.

The company was launched in 2015 and has been working the ranks to become one of the most popular credit repair companies in America. President and founder, Zak Najac has shared the great news that Wealthy Operators is now allowing a zero dollar deductible to every current or new client who’s fallen victim to identity theft. The company has also recently added that they’ll pay for stolen driver licenses and/or passports.

Maintaining a good credit score during these challenging times has many Americans fumed with frustration and despair. Wealthy Operators is now quickly becoming one of the most trusted credit repair companies, as they offer competitive rates from as low as $69 per month. They want Americans to feel at ease with them, ensuring that they’ll assist you with every step of the way. “We believe that anyone can become a Wealthy Operator, it’s a lifestyle. Becoming a homeowner, purchasing that dream car, or traveling the world – everyone should have this experience,” says Zak Najac, President

Najac isn’t new to credit repair or the market and has been working around with many clients over the last few years. His expertise is built upon real-life experience and, as he ensures every client can have the lifestyle they’ve always wanted. “I’ve been in the real estate industry for years, and after starting Wealthy Operators in 2015, I realized how many people have issues with credit score increases, and have been victims of identity theft. The company is a platform where all of this can be tied together to help find solutions,” he tells. Najac has been a victim of identity theft and is passionate about guaranteeing people will be covered and protected when it happens to them.

Clients who work with Najac and his team have found that their expertise stretches over years of experience in real estate, credit evaluation, and consumer legal rights. Unlike bigger and more established competitors in the market, they guarantee honesty and dependability in every level of their work.

“I want to help people and their families – that’s my goal. I want to see them build a better life for themselves. Clients have tried, tested, and loved what we do, as we want to achieve certain goals without wasting anyone’s money,” Najac says notably. The company is out to expand its influence in the next few years, and committed to their long-term goals. Najac also shared that the company is looking to create more jobs that will help give a push to re-starting the U.S. economy.

There’s no denying that Wealthy Operators offering is pretty extensive, and is quickly making waves with many new clients signing up every day. Their clients can now be more relaxed, as Najac and his team will ensure that every person remains protected, and to help find viable solutions to anyone’s credit problems.

The company’s services haven’t been rendered during the global crisis, and certain developments have given them the chance to change and adapt their strategies. What makes them so competitive is that they offer simple and affordable credit solutions, and want clients to take advantage of their newly launched partnership. These endeavors are becoming more critical, as identity theft is becoming more common among Americans.

You can contact Wealthy Operators on their website to view their latest pricing and exciting offerings. For more inquiries, visit the Instagram page below.



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