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What Does Lexington Law Do for Your Credit?

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Successful credit repair has far-reaching implications. It is not only lenders that check your FICO score. Insurers, landlords, and employers may also use it when comparing applicants. Lexington Law will help you raise the total quickly, as it has a team of accomplished paralegals.

According to the Lexington Law review on, this is one of the oldest names in the industry. The company has helped customers delete over 56 million derogatories from their reports. Its services will help you boost your score so you will qualify for cheaper loans with better conditions. Here is an overview of the offers today.

Fundamental of Fixing Your Score

What is your current credit score? Check it through dedicated apps like Credit Sesame or by going to The total you will find is based on the data from the largest reporting agencies. When their reports are flawed, Lexington Law can help you remove false derogatories.

Every US resident is entitled to a copy of their records from all three bureaus — TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. In theory, you could try to eliminate those errors yourself. This would involve meticulous data analysis from all sources, accumulation of evidence, and written communication with bureaus, lenders, and collectors. This requires certain expertise, and the process may take ages if bureaus request extra proof.

For consumers, delegating the job is the quickest solution. The team will collect your data, identify the most damaging entries, and send different formal letter types to resolve the issues. Here is what the services of Lexington Law include.

Service Package Comparison

Customers choose from three bundles depending on the severity of their situation. The company charges between $89.95 and $129.95 monthly. These prices are higher than average, but some customers have all their needs met with the cheapest plan.

Entry-Level Services

The most basic bundle called Concord Standard provides all core services. The firm will deal with both disputes and creditor interventions. It will find errors on your reports and request removal.

At the same time, it may send different types of letters to creditors and collection agencies. For example, goodwill letters ask lenders to remove derogatories from their reported data voluntarily. To confirm that you owe a certain amount, the company sends debt validation letters.

Mid-Level Services

This plan unlocks a few extras. First, the company will disprove hard inquiries that should not be there. These entries reflect that a lender assessed your borrowing history (i.e., whenever you apply for a loan). Too many inquiries of this kind within a short period drag the total down.

Secondly, the firm will provide you with tools to monitor your status. Customers are automatically alerted whenever their scores change. Are you going to be provided with a score analysis?

Premium Services

Additional services for premium clients include more types of formal correspondence, protection against identity theft, an official FICO tracker, and other digital tools. All of these benefits are accessed through the proprietary app. It is one of the best in the industry, with high ratings in both app stores.

Through cease and desist letters, the firm will protect you from intrusive collection efforts. Use this service wisely, as lenders may resort to legal action if they fail to contact you otherwise. Lexington Law will educate you on these and other intricacies of the process.

How Long Does It Take?

Like other fixers, Lexington Law charges clients every month. By law, a bureau has 30 days to respond to any dispute letter. Thus, the more derogatories you want to remove — the longer it will take. Generally, you should notice the first changes to your score after the first month.

Final Words

Lexington Law is one of the oldest service providers in the industry. It has over 17 years of experience, a world-class app, and a user-friendly platform. The basic package includes both disputes and interventions. More expensive services include extras like monitoring tools, cease and desist letters, and identity theft protection.

In recent years, the company’s reputation has suffered due to a series of lawsuits. Find more about their current status on the official website of The Better Business Bureau. There, you will also find the latest reviews from customers.

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