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5 Easy Steps to Homeownership Coaching Program by Life Coach The Real Ms Lacy Inculcates the Right Growth Mindset

The 5 Easy Steps to Homeownership Program by Ms. Lacy Houze helps families acquire the right mindset and abilities to own a home and create wealth. Those with money problems and credit concerns stand to gain immensely from this growth mindset coaching program.

According to announcements released by 5 Easy Steps to Homeownership and Ms. Lacy Houze, an experienced Realtor, life and finance coach, the growth mindset coaching offered by her enables families the ability to become financially independent through homeownership. 

The program breaks down the daunting process of preparing for homeownership into five easy and actionable steps. The program covers the essential aspects of becoming a homeowner by acquiring the right mindset, improving credit, and securing the funds necessary for buying a home. 

Ms. Houze is a licensed realtor, and certified master life coach, master mindset coach, personal finance coach, board-certified credit consultant, credit score consultant, and credit repair specialist. 

The 5 Easy Steps to Homeownership Program is practical because it makes the participating families understand how their limiting beliefs are holding them back and how mindset improvement through life coaching can remove these bottlenecks to financial progress. Ms. Houze guides her clients on personal budgeting and money management to improve financial health. As well as practical credit education to repair and restore credit scores.

Hardworking families can benefit from this program that teaches how to leverage down payment assistance to help with financing their dream home. Participants understand the importance of working with the right realtor and lender while picking up valuable pointers on finding one. 

The coaching program, which is updated and upgraded every quarter, imparts knowledge on improving one’s mindset, increasing income, restoring and repairing credit, and includes bonus lessons on starting a business, and making a fresh start with a new career. 

Ms. Houze’s passion for helping members of her community improve their financial condition comes from her own financial struggles in the past. She has been there and found a way out. She managed to leave her 9-5 and started her own business, paid off over $20,000 in debt, moved from living paycheck to paycheck to having thousands of dollars saved in the bank, all while lifting her credit score from 500 to 700 in a matter of months.

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Ms. Lacy Houze of 5 Easy Steps to Homeownership said, “I help hardworking families get out of debt, improve their credit score and manifest their dream home without the stress of wasting time and hard earned money so they can stop renting and achieve homeownership and financial freedom within 180 days or less. My goal is to make homeownership a reality for more people of color by helping you overcome all of the obstacles set in your way. My mission is to utilize my real estate education, coaching, and financial counseling expertise to assist you in preparing for your next real estate transaction.  No matter how impossible you think it is, how bad your credit may be or how broke you are, I can help you get into a position to buy your next home. I work with people who are ready to change their lives and improve their financial status through homeownership. I specialize in helping Hardworking families improve their credit, manage their money and leave their limiting beliefs behind them.”

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5 Easy Steps to Homeownership by certified life coach Ms. Lacy Houze is helping families become homeowners. The program helps individuals improve their mindset, financial status, and credit score through a successful process that erases negativity, boosts positivity and fosters the will to do better.

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