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American Family Home Insurance Review 2021 – Forbes Advisor

You’ll find these standard types of coverage in an American Family homeowners policy:

  • Dwelling coverage pays to repair damage or replace your house structure and attached structures (like a porch) due to problems covered by the policy, like fires and tornadoes.
  • Other structures coverage pays to repair and replace detached structures, like a shed, fence or gazebo.
  • Personal property coverage pays to repair or replace damaged and stolen personal items, like electronics, furniture, clothes and rugs.
  • Liability insurance pays for property damage and injuries you accidentally cause to others, such as a houseguest who slips on a wet floor. Liability insurance also pays for a legal defense in case you are sued because of an accident.
  • Additional living expenses coverage pays for extra expenses that you incur when you are no longer able to live at your home due to a problem covered by your policy, like a fire. This includes hotel bills, restaurant meals and other services, like laundry or pet boarding.

Homeowners insurance policy add-ons from American Family include:

  • Extended or guaranteed replacement cost coverage. Either of these are great options to have in case local construction costs rise, which often happens after widespread damage in an area. Extended replacement cost coverage will provide a certain percentage of additional coverage over your dwelling coverage amount. Guaranteed replacement cost coverage is even better, providing an unlimited amount for necessary house rebuilding costs.
  • Equipment breakdown covers electrical, mechanical and pressure systems breakdown for equipment like major appliances, home systems and smart home devices.
  • Matching siding protection pays to replace undamaged siding to match repaired siding if your home is damaged due to a problem covered by your policy, like a tornado.
  • Diminishing deductible adds an immediate $100 credit toward your deductible and another $100 credit for each year you don’t make a home insurance claim.
  • Sump pump and water backup coverage pays for damage to your home due to an overflowing sump pump or water backup.
  • Credit theft protection and monitoring keeps track of your credit data and provides identity theft monitoring.
  • Hidden water damage coverage pays for water damage from leaks within the plumbing or household appliances (like a dishwasher). This also pays for deterioration, corrosion and rust, and wear and tear.

American Family also sells renters insurance, condo insurance, manufactured home insurance and landlord insurance.

An umbrella insurance policy from American Family provides an extra layer of liability protection above your home insurance policy’s liability limits. Umbrella coverage can be applied to a home insurance policy for a primary residence or a seasonal home.

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