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Angela Carrier Offers Comprehensive Cover to Manage Identity Theft and Legal Protection – Press Release

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McMurray, PA – August 7, 2020 – Pittsburgh-based Angela Carrier, a financial and benefits professional, is offering unique protection plans for businesses and individuals concerned about identity theft and legal protection. A LegalShield Associate, Carrier, who holds multidisciplinary experience in identity theft protection and legal protection, is offering solutions that customers can use to easily manage their various requirements.

Carrier is passionate about helping fellow Americans circumvent the pain of identity theft. After experiencing the perils of identity theft that caused her significant financial losses (nearly $100,000), mental and physical strain and months of dealing with authorities (the IRS, false tax records, the court system), Carrier is determined that her tumultuous experiences should become a source of learning for those who are serious about protecting themselves from identity thieves. 

In terms of statistics, in the last two years, over 57,500 data breaches were committed on medical service providers alone in the U.S., as per the U.S. Department of Health and Human resources website. There are professional cyber gangs engaged in this practice, the third most profitable global crime. This data stands in stark contrast with the fact that most Americans don’t have identity protection.

Carrier has made it her life’s mission to promote the multifarious uses and applications of identity theft protection plans for Americans. As the first step in this direction, Carrier has researched dozens of protection plans diligently to identify products that offer the most expansive coverage for clients. Products purchased through her cover financial and medical records as well as customers’ social media presence. They even offer identity restoration. 

As a LegalShield associate, Carrier is offering identity theft protection plans and legal plans that can guarantee peace of mind. She goes by the famous Benjamin Franklin quote, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Carrier says, “Clearly, preventing crime is better than trying to restore your identity, reputation, and financial losses.”

It is rather surprising that many Americans are rather ignorant about the benefits and importance of identity theft solutions. This in spite of the fact that every year, identity theft is most complained about at the Federal Trade Commission. Carrier is trying to fill this information gap by being a consultative resource with credible first-hand information about identity theft and its ill-effects. Carrier would also like to be seen as the “go to person” for anyone who wants to learn about identity theft, and how to go about buying a protection plan for themselves and their businesses.

Watch on YouTube: Workplace Demand for Legal and Identity Theft Protection Plans Continues to Grow 

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