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Arneedia Dandy’s Personal Experience Help Her Start The Company ‘Elevation Credit LLC’ That Has Changed Many Lives

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Arneedia Dandy is the founder and CEO of Elevation Credit LLC. She grew up with her grandparents and they knew the importance of credit. Both her maternal and paternal grandparents maintained exceptional credit. Even though her grandparents realized that credit was power, she didn’t learned how to properly establish and maintain it. As the oldest of 6 children, she felt it was her responsibility learn everything about credits. Once she gets all the knowledge, she can pass it on to her siblings and other family members. That’s exactly what Arneedia did.

When Arneedia Dandy was 18 years old, in college, she applied for every credit card that she possible could. Before she even realised, Arneedia had over $10,000 in available credit. A few months later, all her cards were maxed out and she had more than expected debt. Without having idea of what to do, she decided to switch only to using cash.

This mistake during her college days turned out to be a good teacher. Also, her grandmother was also the person because of whom she learned the importance of credit. She couldn’t get a car loan during her 20s. But her grandmother’s understanding and knowledge sorted out things for her. She found herself in a similar situation when she had to buy a house for herself at the age of 26. She repaired her credit to make the purchase, but wasn’t ready to establish new credit because of the fear of ending up back in debt. A few years later, she decided to give credit a second chance. At that time , she was aware of the proper way one can utilise their credit. Understanding the usage of credit in the correct manner changed her life completely. She now has the power to get the things she wants on her terms. She was no longer afraid of being denied.

In 2015, she updated herself with everything to know about credits. That’s how she could bring her credit from 532 to 765 in 7 months. And so, she founded Elevation Credit. The reason to start this company was to share with people what she learned from the entire world. Arneedia Dandy says, “I am passionate about helping others to repair their credit and to teach as many people as possible the importance of having good credit. Credit is needed in all aspects of our life: renting an apartment, financing a car, establishing utilities, getting car insurance, purchasing a home, even attaining employment opportunities and promotions. Let’s face it; we can’t escape credit.”

About Elevation Credit, Arneedia shares, “Our team mission is to give you the keys to a better “Lifestyle”. I shared my story to let you know that “Bad Credit” is nothing to be ashamed of. Bad things happen to Good people, but we are here to help you overcome your credit hurdles. Your situation is not your final destination. Please allow our Team to give you that needed push to Elevate your Credit Score!”

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