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Badger Bank holds free community ShredFests | Around Town

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Citizens from surrounding areas lined up with their boxes and bags of confidential papers on Saturday, April 17, from 9 to 11 a.m. to watch them get destroyed.

Badger Bank held another ShredFest at which Shred-it Document Destruction Company brought its large shredding truck to Fort Atkinson and ran it almost continuously for two hours. Thousands of pieces of waste paper was shredded, protecting countless innocent people from identity theft.

“Identity theft continues to be the fastest-growing crime in the United States,” Margaret Wolf, compliance and security officer of Badger Bank, warns. “Many victims do not even know their identity has been compromised until it has gone on for months or even years. The best deterrent is the absolute destruction of all personal information and financial records.

“Events such as the communitywide ShredFest demonstrates Badger Bank’s commitment to protecting our friends and neighbors very identity,” she added.

Not all forms of shredding are the same. Incomplete methods such as strip, cross or pierce and tear shredding all have been reassembled — leaving one’s business and personal information at risk.

But the shredding technology used by Shred-it literally pummels paper to bits, reducing documents to the smallest average shred size in the industry, with each piece averaging less than one inch. The resulting material has “dusty edges” within definable shred pieces, making it impossible to assemble again — even with reassembly programs.

This event also is extremely beneficial for the conservation of the earth’s resources. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries and Waste Management, 6,200 pounds of recycled paper saves 51 mature trees, enough to produce more than 172,000 sheets of newspaper.

Furthermore it saves 10.5 cubic yards of landfill space and 1,389 gallons of oil. Recycling this paper also contributes to the conservation of electricity, fresh water and gasoline.

Future shred events are scheduled throughout 2021 at Badger Bank locations: Cambridge, May 15; Johnson Creek, Aug. 21; Jefferson, Sept. 18; and Fort Atkinson, Oct. 9. Watch for further details on social media and in the bank.

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