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BBB: Tips For College Students To Avoid Identity Theft

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CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — Students are a prime target for identity theft and the Better Business Bureau has a suggestion to stop thieves in their tracks.

Freezing your credit stops thieves from opening new credit lines, using your name and other information, and Steve Bernas with the Better Business Bureau said it’s free and simple to freeze and unfreeze it, based on a federal law passed in 2018.

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“It is actually free now. In the past, there was a charge associated with it, but now, in September 2018 a law was passed for consumers to freeze their credit to prevent identity theft from happening to them,” he said.

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Bernas said for those who are heading back to campus, there are other steps you can take to protect your identity.

“One of them being, school mail boxes are not always secure, and therefor, you may want to keep mail going to your home or going to a post office box,” he said. “The BBB also recommends that important documents should be stored away safely, especially your social security number or passwords or your passport.”

The Better Business Bureau also recommends students check their credit report twice a year to look for any suspicious activity or inaccuracies.  You can request one free report a year, from each of the three bureaus at


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