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Blog: Why Customer Data Security is More Important Than Ever (4/19/21)

New IdentityTheft Scam

Better prices, efficient delivery, and easy access make online shopping attractive to customers. The number of incidents of credit card fraud is on the rise and every e-commerce site has to have the software to guarantee security to such a high degree that buying online can be as safe as dealing directly with an established bank.

Delivering information safely

Online shopping has many advantages, but data security and its failures are a constant headline. Every e-commerce store wants the full trust of its customers. It’s why so many online stores turn to GoAnywhere MFT.

Did you know that WordPress doesn’t send your website emails? The responsibility is handed to a mail transfer agent (MTA). With a standard format, the email is queued for sending. If the MTA isn’t using Secure Socket Layer (SSL), then it’s not secure.

With WordPress secure mail client, you have a secure way for employees and customers to use email with the security of HTTPS to deliver information and files safely. When a Secure Mail package is sent, the contents are encrypted and stored on your server.

Improved cybersecurity

Protecting data has to be a top priority with every business, whether online or physical. Managed file transfer improves a business’s cybersecurity by securing file transfers.

Any information such as customer’s contact details, bank details, loyalty schemes, and employee records need to be protected from identity theft, fraud and phishing scams. As the manager of a business, you have a duty to ensure that all information is correct and safe. It is essential to follow proper data protection procedures to prevent information from being hacked into.

You can’t break your customer’s trust

One of the reasons why data security is more important than ever is that the threats are more sophisticated than ever. Hackers have ‘improved’ the way they attack data and there are new threats from viruses.

These viruses have the ability to hijack a company’s server completely and then still release sensitive information to the public. It’s only the very latest security tools that can keep customer data safe.

Every economy has had to undergo a digital transformation with Covid-19 and privacy and data security are imperative – it’s having a competitive advantage over other businesses that don’t offer this.

Losing customers, reputation, and billions

A business uses the information of customers to deliver a more personalized service. However, loyalty and trust quickly dissolve when customers believe that the business hasn’t done all it can to safeguard the data they provided.

Not only does a business stand to lose customers, but they also lose billions in market value as well. Their reputation is tarnished and they may even have to spend a fortune on court cases. If a business doesn’t perform its due diligence to safeguard customer data, it can stand to lose everything.

Do you know who you’re dealing with?

With high-profile hacking incidents occurring daily, you can see how important it is to protect your business and your customers from hackers. You want your customers to think of you as a reputable merchant, one who puts their safety first.

The onus remains on you as the business owner to keep customer data safe. In a competitive business environment, there are always going to be new vendors offering products and services that are more affordable and that will offer the customer a better life.

For your customer’s sake, you have to take the time to do thorough background checks and find out exactly who you’re dealing with. Hacking is a serious issue and a new, unknown vendor can be the weak link in the supply chain and part of a data breach.

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