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Certified Credit Repair Specialist Shonda Martin: How To Avoid Pandemic-Related Credit Repair Scams

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(Switching Fashion Editorial):- Hampton, Jul 3, 2020 ( – Credit repair expert Shonda Martin is offering a cautionary note: beware of the precipitous flow of credit repair scams, particularly as America’s tenuous economic situation continues due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Martin’s BBB-sanctioned credit repair company, Road To 750, is on a mission to make credit repair easy and affordable. “I think now more than ever people are realizing the power that a great credit score holds,” Martin says, “People have been furloughed or laid off altogether, and have no resources besides the government’s one-time stimulus check.” Now is when it may look appealing to turn to an offer that ends up being a con.

A credit repair scam can appear in a lot of ways. Some look like phishing emails requesting that you confirm your confidential information, or texts allegedly from a U.S. government agency supposedly in partnership with a bank, or simply self-proclaimed experts contacting you on social media saying they can raise your credit score quickly for a fee.

“Credit has become more important to survival because it can provide immediate economic stability in the face of a crisis like the one America is facing right now,” she says.

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People need information. Martin just welcomed the 100,000th member into her free private Facebook Group. “I started this with 10 members as a way to share knowledge about improving our personal credit scores. Over the course of three years, we’ve had thousands of members purchase homes, buy cars, and improve their credit overall!”

The group has seen an uptick in requests to join since the onset of the pandemic. There have also been more buyers of Martin’s signature DIY credit repair program, the 6-Step Challenge System. Formed in collaboration with a legal team, the program teaches you how to repair your credit yourself, and provides the letters and documentation to send to the credit bureaus.

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